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Tori Roloff and her family are dying to go to Disneyland right now.

But here’s the thing:

Over 1,000 people around the country are actually dying from the coronavirus per day right now… and therein the problem for the Little People, Big World star.

Having a Blast in Disney
Photo via Instagram

Unlike her polarizing sister-in-law, Tori almost never gets into any trouble on social media.

She nearly always just posts cute pictures of her kids and/or messages of gratitude and grace.

Earlier this week, though, Tori shared something on her Instagram Stories page that she likely meant no harm by — yet which has generated a decent amount of backlash against the TLC personality.

"I just heard Jackson yell ‘dada, I got Disneyland pweeeease?!’" Roloff began.

Tori, Zach and Lilah
Photo via Instagram

She added:

"He is my son for sure. Also. Can the world go back to normal so we can go play at Disneyland?!"

While a phased reopening of the Downtown Disney District is in the works, the main theme park will "remain closed and will reopen at a later date, pending state and local government approvals", according to the Disneyland website.

Not that this is really the point at the moment.

Photo via Instagram

The point, instead, is that Tori is anxious for COVID-19 to disappear so that she can take a trip to an amusement park.

Conversely, millions of Americans are anxious for COVID-19 to disappear so they can return to work… or not be afraid of getting sick… or actually pay a visit to an elderly loved one.

And these Americans are very turned off by a celebrity complaining that she can’t do something that epitomizes luxury and privilege.

Tori R.
Photo via Instagram

Wrote one Reddit user in response to Tori’s comment:

"Most people want the world to get back to normal so they can see family they haven’t seen in months, get their jobs back, or get pay cuts at work removed.

"She wants the world to go back to normal so she can go play at Disneyland… can you say entitlement?"

Added another critic along these same lines:

Can the world go back to normal so people can stop dying from this pandemic, people can stop losing their jobs, and all the other actual hurt in the world?!

Celebrating Young Jackson
Photo via Instagram

Tori, who allegedly does not get along with Audrey Roloff, now appears to have something in common with Jeremy’s wife.

More than once during the ongoing pandemic, Internet users have trashed Audrey for her tone-deaf comments or actions.

Way back in April, Audrey tried to take a positive approach to the COVID-19 outbreak… and it didn’t go so well.

That’s to be expected, however. Audrey has become notorious for a failure to relate to ordinary people.

Tori and Children

But Tori? It’s safe to say she just made a mistake here.

The reality star has earned enough good credit over the years as someone truly thankful for her lot in life, and someone so very much NOT spoiled or entitled, that we can forgive her for this one social media mishap.

At the end of the day, too, go back and take a look at what Roloff wrote.

She’s really just wanting to make her son happy — and who can really blame a mother for that?