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Over the course of 15 The Bachelorette seasons, we’ve seen dramatic rose ceremonies.

We’ve seen dramatic spring finales.

But we’ve never seen anything like the drama that continues to play out each week on the franchise here in 2020 … and it hasn’t even aired a single new episode yet!

It all started, of course, when Clare Crawley was chosen as The Bachelorette.

Fans almost immediately rebelled because they believed Clare to be too old (not fair) and/or too irrelevant (a little fair), having been out of the Bachelor Nation spotlight for years prior.

Producers then replaced a number of Clare’s suitors with men above 30 at least, following criticism for casting contestants who were over a decade younger than the California native.

But now?

Dale Moss

Producers have already replaced Clare entirely!

As previously reported, Tayshia Adams is taking over for Crawley – allegedly because Crawley fell in love with a suitor named Dale Moss (above).

According to The Bachelorette spoilers, Clare straight up refused to film after just 12 days of seclusion with her men in California.

Heck, she and Moss may even be engaged!

Tayshia Photo

While we try to learn more about Clare’s relationship status, along with how Adams (above) will slide in to her place this fall, another bombshell was just dropped.

Somehow, for some reason, in something you could barely even script … Hannah Ann Sluss was spotted on The Bachelorette set late last week.

What the heck is going on?!?

Tayshia Adams Tells All

Honestly, it’s hard to decipher right now. But we’ll try:

“Firstly, in what is widely known at this point, Clare has found love with former NFL player Dale and she has left the show,” Bachelor insider @thatsuitcaseguy wrote about the situation.

“Her story will still be seen in the first episode this Fall. Producers last week were in a mad SCRAMBLE to save the season."

"They were not happy.”

This Person in the Know went on to discuss how Adams was brought in and how some of the men that got cut from Crawley’s season were also brought to Palm Springs.

“This is where things get crazy: The morning after T’s cocktail party, producers weren’t happy with the storylines and connections developed the night before.

"Somehow the rush to save the season took some air out of the sails of T and the men and the energy was low."

Enter Hannah Ann (above). Apparently.

In relaying these shocking Bachelorette spoilers, this insider explained of Peter Weber’s Bachelor season winner:

“This is when producers got on the phone with Hannah Ann Sluss and decided for the first time in Bachelor history, create a PANEL of bachelorettes for the guys to choose from."

"Becca Kufrin (below) was also flown in two nights ago to the set and will serve as the third woman in what has become a Bachelorette Triumverate."

Becca K.

Altogether now:


According to Reality Steve, Bachelor in Paradise is not shooting right now.

So the appearances of Hannah and Becca are not related to that ABC spinoff.

Tayshia Adams on The Bachelor

However, this very reliable source pushes back on the concept of multiple Bachelorettes competing for the affections of different men.

“(SPOILER) Can’t make this any clearer – BIP is not happening at filming. Tayshia is the Bachelorette,” he has Tweeted.

“All the other appearances by alumni are cameos being done bc of the weirdness of the season."

"Not a normal season, so they are doing non-normal things. It’s as simple as that."

Fair enough. But let’s make one thing as clear as can be:

Nothing about this impending season of The Bachelorette will be simple.

And we can’t wait to see it all unfold!