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The ugly resentments between Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds continue.

Jim accuses Meghan of straight up ghosting when it’s her turn for custody. Meghan says that she can prove he’s lying.

Jim Edmonds has Covid-19
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An insider spoke to Us Weekly about Jim Edmonds’ next move against his ex.

“Jim is talking with his legal team about getting full custody of the children," the source warns.

The insider says that it’s "because he is getting increasingly upset that Meghan has been out of town during portions of her custodial time.” 

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The source continues, claiming: “There have been numerous times where Jim has brought the kids to Meghan for her custodial week."

The dismayed insider adds: "Only to find she is out of town." It is unclear if this means working in a neighboring city or on vacation or what.

"And," the source alleges, "he has to leave them with Meghan’s nanny.”

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According to the insider, Jim “has been told Meghan is looking for a second nanny.”

“[This] raises his concern even more about the amount of time Meghan is away during her custodial time," the source complains.

"And," the insider continues, "the amount of time she is actually spending with the children.”

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“Jim feels if Meghan cannot be present during the week she has the children," the source adds.

The insider continues: "Then he should just keep them at his house and not leave them with the nannies.”

We have no idea how many times this has allegedly happened, or whether it has happened at all.

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But Meghan herself is firing back at her ex.

“I am a working, single mother and I have one live-in nanny (with no plans to hire an additional nanny)," she retorts.

"In the 10 months since Jim walked out on our children and myself," she recalls, "I have left Aspen, Hart, and Hayes with my mother for three days (with my nanny helping her)."

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Meghan adds: "I told Jim I had to be out of town for those days."

"But," she reveals, "he told me he couldn’t take custody of the kids because he would also be out of town.”

If you are at all familiar with custody disputes, you are probably aware that bitter exes run into conflicts like these all of the time.

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“Jim even set Carly [up] with a happily married friend of Jim’s [one] evening and this was not the first time Jim has set Carly up with a married man," Meghan said, referring to their former nanny.

She adds: "This further drives home the tattered value system of this man.”

“Additionally, our children’s GAL (guardian ad litem, a court appointed attorney for our children) knew about me leaving for the three days Jim is questioning," Meghan notes.

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"I told her why I had to leave and she said that was completely fine," Meghan says in her statement.

She says that the GAL acknowledged "that parents have to go out of town all the time and find coverage for their children."

"I have had primary custody of my children since he left us," Meghan notes.

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She adds that this is "including when I quarantined them for nine weeks in L.A. while Jim contracted COVID while partying in Nashville (and also infected his entire home)."

"And as much as I hate to bring up the past," Meghan adds, "it was Jim who was sending pictures of his penis to another woman on the day the twins were born."

She continues to go for the jugular: "and it was Jim who left us and didn’t request to see the kids for weeks afterward.”

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“For Jim to suggest I did anything inappropriate, wrong, or questioning my parenting is — quite frankly — not only laughable," Meghan begins.

She continues: "But unfortunately in line with the way he has treated and spoken to me."

“I’ve kept my mouth shut through months of abuse and I’ve tried to take the high road knowing this is my children’s father," Meghan notes.

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"And," she continues, "I will have to have some sort of relationship with him for the rest of my life as we work to coparent."

"But don’t for a second think that I don’t have all the evidence I need to back up every fact stated above," Meghan concludes.

Wow! It looks like things haven’t cooled off one bit since their split. As always, our first concern is for the children.