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Olivia Munn has all of Hollywood talking.

Heck, she has all of the country talking.

Or, perhaps to be more accurate, the 40-year-old actress has the entire celebrity gossip world wondering.

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How can we not be, considering what the actress told Whitney Cummings on the Good For You podcast last week when it came to one of her previous lovers.

Suffice it to say, she was far from impressed with this boyfriend’s performance in the sack.

But who is she spilling about?

Said Munn of her former love, holding nothing back – except for the individual’s name, of course:

“I have this one boyfriend, in particular, that was just the worst, the worst at just having sex.”

Oh. Well… that’s too bad.

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Munn didn’t even stop there.

She delved into more X-rated detail about why this ex didn’t earn rave reviews between the sheets.

“In fact, he went down on me twice during the years we were together.”

That’s … not a lot, according to her.

“I asked him once and said, ‘Why don’t you ever go down? By the way, I don’t want you to.”

“‘But I’m just wondering why because I feel like most guys I can’t get out of my vagina.'”

Yup, she said that.

Olivia Munn at a Gala

Munn continued: “And I’m like, ‘You have to fake it all the time.'”

In response, the unnamed oral sex failure allegedly said:

“Well, I just haven’t had a lot of, you know, experience doing it.”

Munn said this led her to question the man’s sexual orientaion.

Hi, From My Cleavage
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“And that’s when I was also like, ‘Um, he may like Benton [the show’s male podcast producer] instead,’ you know? It might be his kind of game and stuff,” she told Cummings.

Munn wasn’t casting any judgment here.

She was simply pointing out that she had to wonder at the time whether she was dating a gay man.

Olivia Munn Shows Some Leg
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Which is a pretty important thing for any woman to know about the person they’re in a romantic relationship with … you know?

After saying all this, Munn STILL wasn’t done.

She continued:

“But also it was like every every time we had sex, every time …”

“Dark,” she said, setting the mood for the listeners.”

“Spooning from behind. Every time.”

“It was a dark relationship. But also lights off, lights out. It was like, spooning from behind, so it’s like you don’t have to see my face, you have to see that it’s a girl.”


This was an extreme case – with someone who, at best, may want to step out of his comfort zone a bit – but the former Newsroom star noted that this wasn’t the only ex for whom she’s faked enjoyment.

“I swear to god, I’m like, I regret every time I have fake moaned.”

“These guys are out there feeling so f–king confident,” she said.

A. Rod and O. Munn
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That’s a lot to digest, huh?

Munn perhaps most famously dated Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for several years.

The two broke up back in April 2017.

More recently, the beauty broke up with boyfriend Tucker Roberts after dating for just over a year.

We have no idea if Munn is talking about either of them with these quotes, or someone else entirely.

But we can tell you this:

They’re probably not very happy about her interrview right about now.