Nicole Nafziger: I'm Finally Back in America!

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Earlier this month, Nicole Nafziger admitted that she was ready to return home to the US.

Her two-week vacation to see Azan in Morocco had been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic in early March.

What should have been a fortnight ended up being five months, almost right down to the day.

Now, she has announced, she is heading home.

She is sorry to say farewell to Azan, but she is excited to see 6-year-old May again.

Take a look below at Nicole's great journey home.

1. It! Is! Time!

It! Is! Time!
After five months, it was time for Nicole to return to the US. We're not judging her for how much time she spent there. We mean that Morocco literally mandated that Nicole (and others in her situation) leave by August 10 or potentially face arrest.

2. But she had so much time with Azan

But she had so much time with Azan
He even, as you will see, accompanied her to the airport in Casablanca to see her off.

3. They had such good times

They had such good times
Nicole's two-week romantic vacation was never supposed to turn out this way, but they made the most of it.

4. Finally . . .

Finally . . .
Wearing a mask in her selfie, Nicole Nafziger announced in her Instagram Stories: "Finally time to say 'See you later.'" That means that it's time to leave Morocco and return to the US.

5. Still, she had time for a few last looks

Still, she had time for a few last looks
In addition to the time spent with Azan, Nicole has enjoyed the scenery of Morocco, from architecture to, in this case, the sun.

6. Take in the landscape

Take in the landscape
We don't always appreciate how different another continent's landscape can be when compared to our own. It's a good thing to hold in your mind as you say farewell.

7. She is safely masked, no worries

She is safely masked, no worries
For the record, "complimenting" her eyes would be praising them, and "complementing" her eyes would mean that the mask would be, what, orange? But yes, the mask's color is flattering to her eyes and makes the color of them pop.

8. She arrived "too early"

She arrived "too early"
There's no such thing as showing up to the airport "too early," in my book. Also, we should keep in mind that Nicole arrived in the US the day before the deadline for foreign guests to leave Morocco.

9. Hello Starbucks my old friend

Hello Starbucks my old friend
Okay, so it's not exactly like a Starbucks in the US. For one thing, "water" appears to be mispelled. We all make typos every single day, it's part of being human, but usually "water" is easy to get right.

10. It's time!

It's time!
Nicole then shared to her Instagram Stories that she was waiting to board her flight. Exciting!

11. F I N A L L Y

Nicole set foot on US soil again for the first time since March! She's in New York, waiting for her connecting flight so that she can go home and see May.

12. First, she has to wait

First, she has to wait
Overnight layovers are never ideal, but after five long months of being separated from her family, what are a few more hours? Notably, Nicole posted this on Sunday evening.

13. For further details ...

For further details ...
Look no further than 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, who shared another's assessment. This person characterizes Nicole as having dragged her feet, though we suspect that she may have simply purchased her ticket in advance.

14. One of these flights, specifically

One of these flights, specifically
Given that Nicole ended up arriving in New York, Occam's Razor says that she took that one, but we cannot say for sure. Last time, in March, she absolutely traveled through Europe en route to Morocco.

15. Next time . . .

Next time . . .
Nicole hopes that next time, she and Azan won't have to say goodbye -- that they will never have to say goodbye again, and can be a family again. Note that in the comments, people are already giving her a hard time.

16. As IF

We all know perfectly well that if Nicole had brought May with her, for two weeks or for five months, she would have gotten JUST as much hate -- likely from the exact same people -- for "dragging May across the world" or whatever.

17. She knows that she can't win with them

She knows that she can't win with them
That's why Nicole doesn't listen to "advice" from trolls -- it's all the same and no amount of scurrying to obey the demands of deranged strangers is going to get her less hate or more approval.

18. May was just fine

May was just fine
She spent these five months with her grandmother, who has affirmed that she treasures this time with her granddaughter.

19. Soon, Nicole will be back to work

Soon, Nicole will be back to work
We hope that she is able to work safely during this pandemic. No one SHOULD have to work, but Florida is one of the states where leaders have made decisions as poor as those of the Federal government, to disastrous effect.

20. Welcome home, Nicole!

Welcome home, Nicole!
We hope that she, May, and Robbalee enjoy their happy family reunion and that they can remain safe as this crisis continues.

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