Sister Wives Snubbed: How Kody Brown is Ignoring His Family During This Pandemic

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It should come as no surprise to any viewer of Sister Wives that Kody Brown is a self-centered jerk.

The veteran reality star acted like a pompous A-Hole to all his spouses during the most recent episodes of this long-running show.

Now, however, comes evidence that Kody isn't just a terrible husband. He also sucks as a father!

Fighting with Robyn

The Browns, of course, are stuck in isolation these days, just like almost all families across the country.

However, just because they can't really spend time together a large unit... this doesn't mean that there haven't been a few special occasions.

For example: Christine Brown recently set up a photoshoot for her and Kody's two daughters, Ysabel and Gwendlyn, who were meant to go to their high school  prom last weekend.

Instead of returning the fancy dresses or letting them go to waste, however, the attentive mom had the girls get all dolled up and pose as if their magical night had really happened:

brown dress

Was Kody present for the shoot? Nope.

Did Ysabel tag her father when she posted the above picture on Instagram? Nope.

Then, there was a rather unique and precious dinner between Janelle and her son, Hunter.

The latter graduated this from the United States Air Force Academy -- and, while no family members were able to attend the ceremony, due to Covid-19, Hunter is now home with his mom.

Janelle Brown on Camera

She posted a photo on Sunday of Hunter and two of her other sons eating together, writing as a caption to the following snapshot:

"First dinner with Hunter since he arrived home for summer break. I obviously raised gentlemen with great table manners.

We'll ask once again:

Was Kody present for the meal? Nope.

janelle kids

As for Meri?

She's been posting images non-stop throughout the quarantine, and they all feature her either posing with her pets or wandering around outside.

This Sister Wife and Kody had their 30th wedding anniversary just a few days ago as well and... guess what:

She and Kody did nothing at all for the occasion. Neither even acknowledged the personal holiday on social media.

Robyn Brown on an Episode

So... where has Kody been spending the pandemic?

With his fourth wife, Robyn, most fans presume.

Granted, she has younger kids than any other spouse and these kids may need both parents around to help with virtual school work and the like.

But be honest now:

Based on what you know about Kody Brown, is there any chance at all he's helping with his children... at all?

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