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Fans have been following Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy for several months now, and — like any dutiful Duggar daughter — she’s delighted in offering regular updates to her Instagram followers.

Until recently, that is …

The frequency of Joy’s posts has dropped off considerably in recent weeks.

In fact, she’s only posted three times in the entire month of August.

When you compare that to July — when Joy provided updates on her growing baby bump every few days — you begin to understand why fans suspect something is amiss.

Specifically, they believe Joy has already welcomed her second child, and she’s hiding out until she feels ready to make her announcement.

There’s much to support that theory.

However, there are just as many reasons to dismiss it.

Joy Bares Arms

Let’s dive into the evidence file and try to determine if Joy is still pregnant, or if she’s already welcomed baby number two,

The suspicion began when she posted the photo below on August 5.

As you can see, she was clearly quite pregnant at the time:

Joy-Anna Duggar is Very Pregnant

However, it was Joy’s first post in over a month, which led many fans to the conclusion that she had started the process of backing away from social media in preparation for her baby’s arrival.

“How are we only a couple of weeks away from meeting our baby girl?!? We couldn’t be more excited," Joy captioned the pic.

“Being patient is hard, but I’m trying to cherish these last days with just the 3 of us!”

Her follower’s suspicions deepened when she went two weeks without any sort of follow-up.

When the time finally came, Joy claimed she was still pregnant, but she conspicuously left her bump out of the pic.

"Yes… we’re still waiting for this baby girl‘s arrival, she captioned the pic above.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Pregnant Near Guns

"Meanwhile, enjoying all of the extra snuggles from Gid!" Joy added.

That was followed by several days of silence from Joy, which naturally led to some wild speculation from her fans.

“Joy’s not posted maybe she’s had the baby!” one fan excitedly commented, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“My guess is she went into labor the night she posted this!” another added.

As you can tell, Joy’s followers got quite specific in their predictions.

But fans’ hopes were dashed on Sunday, when Joy posted the above pic, which shows her enjoying a walk with her son and husband.

"Anytime now, Baby girl!" she captioned the pic, possibly suggesting that the goal of the walk was to induce labor.

You would think that that would be enough to put the theories to bed, but many fans are convinced that Joy is only posting in order to throw her followers off the trail.

As ridiculous as that sounds, we have to admit that it is possible.

Pregnancy Joy

As many fans have pointed out, she’s wearing the same shirt she was wearing in the August 4 pic.

That could be an indication that the photos were taken on the same day.

Or it could mean that Joy wears her t-shirts more than once, just like literally everybody else.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant Piic

It seems absurd that Joy would go to such insane lengths to keep her delivery a secret — but then again, she is one of the most private Duggars.

In fact, Joy and Austin Forsyth quit Counting On recently, seemingly in an effort to keep their personal lives personal.

So if any Duggar would lie in order to secure her privacy, it would be Joy.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Hat Selfie

Still, the most likely explanation is that she’s still pregnant and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her family’s newest addition.

Sorry to disappoint, Joy obsessives!

We’ll be the first to report the exciting news when the big day finally arrives!