Amy Duggar Shades Famous Family: These People Aren't Worth Your Time!

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Amy Duggar recently admitted two things:

ONE, she isn't very close to her more famous family members.

TWO, she doesn't think this is a very big deal and she isn't bitter toward anyone.

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby

Based on Tweet by Amy from first point above late last week, the first point above is clearly true.

But the second? Well, we have some doubts.

In a somewhat vague, albeit quite intriguing, message on her official social media page, the rebellious niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seemingly hurled some shade at her relatives.

Amy Duggar sends tweet

“Hang out with people who help raise you up,” she wrote, adding in a bit more detail:

“They fit into your future. Do not hang out with people who bring you down and remind you of the past.”

Amy has had issues for years with the conservative and controlling Duggars, refusing to play by their controversial rules by wearing shorts and baring her arms in tank tops.

She hasn't been afraid to express her opinion, either.

Amy Duggar Video Pic

Just a few weeks ago, after Jinger Duggar made some polarizing remarks about using prayer to combat mental illness, Amy urged her cousin to get away from Jim Bob.

More than ever, over the past several months, Amy appears to have distanced herself from her family.

She started speaking out in March after sitting down for an interview with the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube channel... and then seeing that the exchange was somehow taken offline.

Although host Katie Joy claimed Amy didn’t say anything negative about her family, “someone” contacted the Duggar cousin to let her know the video would “need to come down," she told the world.

Amy Duggar and Child

“I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. … ‘A [woman’s] voice should never be silenced,’” Amy wrote in response.

Many have since assumed Jim Bob Duggar was responsible for getting the interview taken down.

Because he's a sexist egomaniac who sucks.

Amy Duggar and Fam

Last month, the mother of a son named Daxton said she's "moving on" from the TLC reality program and is "happy" following years of estrangement from Jim Bob and Michelle.

"I think we are all just trying to find our path, and we're all just doing things differently," she told Entertainment Tonight, adding at the time:

"I'm doing things differently and I'm happy where I'm at. I'm happy for them."

Again: This first part may be true. But the second part? It's a lot harder to say for certain.

Amy Duggar King Selfie

It's also worth noting that Amy is pretty close to Jill Duggar, whose husband, Derrick Dillard, has never held back a single thought when it comes to his in-laws.

He's even threatened legal action against Jim Bob for allegedly withholding money due to him and his wife from their time as cast members on 19 Kids and Counting.

"Jill and I text, not on a daily basis, but we text quite often," Amy told ET, adding: "And we discuss things."

How deliciously ominous, huh?

Jill and Amy Duggar Pic

Amid rumors that Jill has distanced herself from her dad, Amy posted the above selfie in July.

"You smile just a bit brighter these days!” she wrote as a caption, seemingly praising her cousin for finding her own path. “So proud of you, hippie chick!”

It has been long rumored that Amy, who did appeared frequently on 19 Kids and Counting, is unable to speak freely about her famous family because of an non-disclosure agreement.

But, hey, no one can stop her from Tweeting in cryptic and interesting fashion!

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