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Whether by taking a lie detector test or simply by twerking, Jordyn Woods is no stranger to creating sensational internet moments.

But breaking the internet is a tall order, and Jordyn never imagined that a simple massage video would be this popular.

Jordyn Woods Stuns in Cerulean

On Saturday, Jordyn Woods was trending far and wide on social media.

While there were some obvious jokes about her regarding Khloe and Tristan getting back together, this was all about Jordyn.

Jordyn had shared a brief glimpse at her practicing some self-care … and the internet was all kinds of thirsty about it.

Jordyn Woods massage photo

In the video, Jordyn is receiving a massage from a responsibly masked individual.

In particular, her thigh is being massaged. And yes, as you can see in the gif later in this post, this is a major thirst trap.

Because Jordyn is very visibly naked during the massage, her booty is not only out and visible, but actively jiggling as the masseuse does her work.

For context, Jordyn was filmed during a visit to SKINIC in Beverly Hills.

This was a lymphatic drainage massage, which was recorded on Friday, August 7.

It was actually the clinic that shared the video of her experience, posting it to Instagram along with a short message.

“It’s almost the weekend," SKINIC wrote, "and to top off our Friday we had this sweet beauty today!"

"@jordynwoods thank you for trusting us," the message expressed.

The caption concluded: "We can’t wait to see you again.”

Jordyn Woods Photo

Jordyn was clearly feeling a lot of trust if she gave SKINIC permission to share her massage video.

Yes, just a few seconds — short enough that we turned it into a gif — were more than enough.

You can see for yourself why everyone found Jordyn’s massage to be so … soothing.

Jordyn has an incredible booty.

It’s amazing to see a video like this receive praise and then remember that, just 20 years ago, having any kind of size to your butt was frowned upon by conventional standards.

It’s a shame that cultural standards have simply shifted instead of broadening to be more inclusive (there are lots of great ways to have a butt), but at least this means that Jordyn’s booty gets the praise that it deserves.

Spill, Jordyn. SPILL!

Just the day before, Jordyn’s former bestie, Kylie Jenner, had received a great deal of attention for her own appearance in a rap video by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.

Kylie was not nearly so well received, earning widespread condemnation for once again "inserting" herself into Black culture.

While she was definitely invited to do the video, a lot of people suggested that Jordyn — who was blackballed by the Kardashians after Tristan kissed her — would be a better choice.

Jordyn Woods Picture

"Woke up this morning and saw why I was trending on twitter," Jordyn tweeted on Saturday.

She also told fans about seeing one tweet in particular that "made me log off," sharing a string of laughing emojis.

The tweet in question reads: "Jordyn Woods thicker than gorilla exhibit glass." Twitter is an art form.