Audrey Roloff Celebrates Birthday: No In-Laws Allowed!

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Audrey Roloff had a reason to celebrate this past Sunday.

She also had a reason to passive aggressively throw some shade at her in-laws by publicly making it more clear than ever before:

She and her husband's family members simply do NOT get along.

Audrey Roloff on Her Birthday

First, details on the gathering...

Audrey turned 29 years old on July 19.

She rang in the occasion with her husband, two kids and at least one friend, based on the photos she shared online.

Jer and Auds Roloff

"Pool all day with the family yesterday + wine tasting all day today with my babe today = birthday weekend," wrote Audrey as a caption to one set of images, later adding as a caption elsewhere:

Thank you all for the kind birthday messages. I felt so encouraged and celebrated. Jeremy and I had so much on our first 24-hour date away from the kids since I had Bode!

We went wine tasting in the Oregon wine country together for the first time(still can’t believe it took us this long) We had so much fun tasting and exploring such a beautiful part of Oregon in the summertime.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff in Swimsuits

Fun times, right?!?

It's worth noting two things, however:

  1. No other Roloffs were seemingly invited to the festivities.
  2. No Roloffs wished Audrey a happy birthday on their social media pages.

Sort of makes you think, doesn it? Especially these days?

Audrey Roloff and a Pal

Over July Fourth weekend, Audrey and Jeremy also hosted a gathering.

This one included a couple that we know to be close to Zach and Tori.

And yet... neither Zach nor Tori was present.

Audrey Roloff on Easter

About a week prior to this party, Tori hinted that her baby daughter had never met Audrey's baby son.

This was despite the pair being born just about a month apart and despite the pair being first cousins.

So... what gives?

Audrey Roloff and Children

Audrey has often been criticized for her seemingly pompous and self-serving attitude.

She's even garnered backlash for using her faith to promote her own business interests.

Of late, though, such criticism has trickled down from trolls on the Internet to her very own in-laws.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Say Cheeese

Jacob Roloff most notably tore into Audrey just last month.

He criticized her for what he perceived to be her lame response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing push for social justice reform.

That is much more specific than the perception by fans that she is full of herself, right?

Look at the Roloffs!

After Audrey cited a passage from the bible in response to the state of the nation... Jacob came out and was basically like, That's All You Got?!?

He famously took issue on Instagram with "white people with moneyed cameras and moneyed families using black music, black message, black faces, to spread police propaganda," along with:

"White Christian voices [who contribute] nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes."

Audrey Roloff in a Video

Aubrey has made her (fairly conservative) Christianity a cornerstone of her personal brand.

And Jacob called out "White Christian voices" in particular.

He might as well have called Audrey out by name, you know?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff at Home

Could we be overreacting here to Audrey's birthday party?

Which may have just been kept very small and, heck, who knows, perhaps the Roloffs will throw  her some sort of celebration later in the week?


Audrey Roloff Snuggles

But we doubt it.

If you don't believe there's tension between Audrey and her in-laws, take some time and scroll through Audrey's Instagram page and look for a photo of her with Tori, Matt, Amy or Zach.

Just make sure you have plenty of time allotted in your schedule. You'll need it.

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