Briana DeJesus: Back Together With Dre Diddy?

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We're sure Briana DeJesus would be the first to admit that she's made some ... let's say questionable decisions in her love life.

And by that, we mean the mother of two is basically a magnet for unemployable losers.

Bri De

Just last month, Briana slammed Devoin Austin, claiming that he's such a deadbeat that she had to publicly call him out in order to get him to contribute any money for the raising of their daughter.

And amazingly, after all that, the guy sent her a measly 80 bucks.

Given the experiences she's had with her baby daddies, it's not surprising that Bri plays it safe in her search for Mr. Right.

Bri D

In fact, it seems that rather than continue to waste her time with new applicants for the position, she's decided to give a second chance to one of her exes.

You might remember Dre Diddy from his past appearances on Teen Mom 2.

Presented at various times as Briana's ex, her friend, and her friend with benefits, Mr. Diddy is likely best known for when he showed up to Briana's baby shower in 2017.

Bri and Dre 3

DeJesus was pregnant with daughter Stella at the time, and Stella's father, Luis Hernandez was on hand for the occasion.

Bri wasn't dating Luis or Dre at the time, but that didn't stop the two Orlando residents from butting heads.

Speaking of Orlando, Disney World recently re-opened, and while it seems pretty risky to crowd into the happiest place on Earth during a pandemic, it seems Bri and Dre like to live dangerously.

Bri and Dre

Fans first realized these two were planning a Disney date when they openly discussed it on Twitter.

And apparently, Dre recently borrowed Bri's bike, so this is not the first time they've been in contact in recent weeks.

Anyway, based on the pic below, it seems that he and Bri donned their masks and headed for Space Mountain.

Bri and Dre 2

Photos from the afternoon seem to suggest that this was a kid-free outing.

And while neither party has come out and announced that they're dating, the amount of pics they posted that day seems to suggest they're not exactly hiding it, either.

The photo below -- which appears to have been taken by Briana -- recently appeared on Dre's Instagram page:

Dre Diddy at Disney

Sidenote: Can someone tell this guy to only rock one sports team logo unless he's attending a game? He looks like he's cosplaying as David Ortiz.

Anyway, we wish these two all the best.

Dre may not be perfect, but he's certainly better than Briana's baby daddies!

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