Brandi Glanville: Here is PROOF I Boned Denise Richards! I Sucked on Her Tiddies!

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On Wednesday night's episode, Denise Richards went on the attack but the cast made peace.

In this preview for next week's episode, those good times turn out to be fleeting.

Brandi Glanville says that she has proof

Next week, we will see the Housewives back in the titular Beverly Hills after the ups and downs of their Roman holiday.

The Housewives had opened up about religious backgrounds, sexual exploits, and some even touched on childhood abuse.

They come back from this -- and all of the Denise drama -- to celebrate something very special.

Teddi Mellencamp is Surprised

Teddi Mellencamp is pregnant, in case you missed that.

It's time for her (surprise!) baby shower.

Dorit had discussed planning it on Wednesday night's episode, so it's a surprise to Teddi but not to the viewers.

Dorit Kemsley and Kim Richards at the Surprise Shower

Kyle, Lisa, and Lisa's plunging neckline chat about what a good time they are having at the baby shower.

Notably, Kim Richards is in attendance, and her hair looks much better than last time (poor Kim).

Later, after the party dies down, the ladies have a real talk with Brandi.

Kyle Richards - s--t hit the fan in Rome

"Brandi," Kyle says bluntly, "s--t hit the fan in Rome."

Dorit and Lisa then explain Denise's point of view -- her claims that Brandi has lied to them about everything.

Lisa lists Denise's description of Brandi while Dorit says that, for her part, she believes Denise.

Lisa Rinna is cautious after the shower

"I'm not a f--king liar," Brandi tells the Housewives.

In fact, she says, she has receipts.

Brandi announces: "I can back it all f--king up."

Brandi Glanville says she's not a f--king liar

We are then teased mercilessly by Bravo, who show us text messages between Brandi and Denise.

Now, Bravo's second-and-a-half of text footage doesn't show anything deeply salacious.

From what we see here, there is just a very friendly, familiar relationship between two friends.

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards texts (preview teaser)

Of course, that already doesn't mesh wtih Denise's description.

Remember, she claims to barely even know Brandi.

Additionally, one screenshot worth of (alleged) text messages doesn't mean that there aren't more, juicier texts.

Kyle Richards reacts to Brandi Glanville TMI

The spiciest declaration of the entire sneak peek has everyone going on face journeys, and it's a trip.

Now, it is heavily bleeped, but it certainly sounds like Brandi is saying: "I sucked on her f--king tit!"

It is also possible that she said a word other than tit, such as tits, or perhaps reference to a different, rhyming body part.

Dorit Kemsley reacts to Brandi Glanville TMI

Keep in mind that Brandi has been outspoken this entire time.

When people called her a liar after the first episode with her story aired, Brandi tweeted for them to keep watching.

It is unclear how much evidence she will actually show, but Brandi, at least, expects to be vindicated.

Brandi Glanville tweet - I'm not lying, just keep watching

Obviously, this means that the drama in Rome is not yet at an end -- and may just be a glimmer of things to come.

But much of that will depend upon how convincing Brandi's receipts turn out to be to the other Housewives.

That said, given that we have all seen a number of Housewives doubt Denise's version of events, it looks like Brandi may have been pretty persuasive.

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