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Despite the ups and many downs of the last three years, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have fixed their marriage.

Ashley is publicly gushing over Jay on their three-year wedding anniversary.

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"It’s been a wild 3 years," Ashley’s anniversary post begins by understating.

"But here we are," she marvels, "celebrating!"

"I love you so much!" Ashley gushes to her husband, Jay. "Happy anniversary!"

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"Love you babygirl," Jay’s comment reads (more on that in a moment).

Ashley shared a number of throwbacks to their Jamaican wedding ceremony.

Though that wedding was not legally binding, it allowed them to accommodate Jay’s family as guests.

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Ashley and Jay received congratulations from an assortment of 90 Day Fiance stars, past and present.

"Happy anniversary to you guys," Usman Umar writes.

Though his 90 Day Fiance romance was a disaster, he wishes them well.

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"Thank you!" Ashley’s reply reads.

"Happy anniversary!" Evelin Villegas writes.

Kirlyam Cox, who has of course met Ashley and Jay, also expressed well wishes.

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"Happy anniversary, guys!" Kirlyam’s comment begins.

She continues: "Wishing you many more years together!"

Brittany Banks chimes in with a series of emojis: "I stan y’allll!"

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While that was all very sweet, Jay’s comment and history of cheating earned him mockery from a commenter.

After he expressed his love for Ashley, a commenter wrote: "Are you sure you’re on the right Instagram?"

Some were amused. Ashley was not, writing: "Are you dumb or stupid? Or both?"

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"Sitting on the porch with the sun popping up and sipping on my coffee before class," Ashley reflected last week.

"And," she continued at the time, "I just felt the urge to show this man some love."

Ashley wrote: "Loving someone with your whole heart is hard."

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"Marriage is hard," Ashley stated.

"We have been through the ringer," she acknowledged.

"And to be honest," Ashley admitted, "I never thought we would find our way back to one another."

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"I don’t do a ton of sappy posts but this is one," Ashley explained.

"I’m so proud of the man you have become," she gushed to Jay.

She praised him for "The changes you have made."

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"The hard work you have put into this marriage," Ashley acknowledged, "since we gave our crazy love story another chance."

"I can honestly say I love you more today then I ever have," she raved.

Ashley added: "More than I ever thought was humanly possible."

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"Always putting us first," Ashley described, "and working your ass off to make your dream come true."

"I love you so much," she told him, "and I am so blessed to call this man my husband."

"You’re going to be an amazing business owner," Ashley encouraged, "and your talent gets better day by day."

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There, she is of course referring to Jay opening his own tattoo shop.

Tattooing is Jay’s passion and career, something that was true in Jamaica and is true here.

Ashley helped him to realize his dream this year, though admittedly the pandemic was unfortunate timing.

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"If going through those ridiculously hard times brought us here," Ashley wrote, "then I’m (oddly) grateful for them."

"Thank you for supporting me in following my dreams," she added.

"And," Ashley concluded, "pushing me to get done with school and get this salon open!"

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After Jay’s Tinder cheating scandal immediately after they were married, Ashley opted to give him a second chance.

Weeks after his barbershop bathroom bang, she gave him a third chance.

Then, after discovering that Jay had been keeping a mistress for weeks or even months, Ashley ditched him in spring 2019.

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Later, after Jay spent almost all of July of that year behind bars after violating a protective order, she gave Jay a fourth chance.

That, too, ended poorly, as one of Jay’s side pieces claimed to be pregnant.

It appears that she was not actually pregnant, but Ashley was once again done with him and seeking a divorce.

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Jay signed the papers late last year, but got the date wrong, making the divorce documents meaningless.

Months later, Ashley decided to give Jay what is, by our count, a fifth chance.

While there is no doubt that most people would have dumped him long ago, they certainly seem happy right now. Happy anniversary to them both!