Amy Roloff Reunites with Molly, Shares Rare Photo of Daughter

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With Little People, Big World on a break from filming, Amy Roloff has been spending her time these days with the two kids who least want to actually be on Little People, Big World.

Makes sense, right?

Amy and Molly Roloff Pic

Previously, we shared a photo of Jacob Roloff and his wife stopping by to say farewell to Amy before embarking on another trip around the Pacific Northwest.

Now, as you can see above, Amy has gotten a chance to hang out with daughter Molly a little bit.

"Took a road trip up to Spokane this weekend to visit my daughter Molly and my SIL Joel," wrote Amy as a caption to this image, adding:

'She is simply amazing. So proud of her. We went on a 2 mile hike - I’m excited I did it - which was beautiful and then she made a fabulous delicious salad.

"I’m so glad I came. I miss her."

Dinner with Amy

Always a fan oof hashtags, Amy added:

#spokane #lovemyfamily #lovethisgirl #roadtrip #mydaughter #letstakeahike #beingtogether #beenquaratine #timetovisit #thankful #blessed.

In 2017, Molly married husband Joel and has never really appeared on the aforementioned reality series -- with the exception of a few brief background cameos.

She's made it clear for years now that she has no interest in the spotlight.

Make no mistake, though, Molly is on perfectly good terms with her loved ones.

Jacob and Wife and Mom

The same can now be said for Jacob, although this wasn't always the case.

About four years ago, Jacob walked away from Little People, Big World after labeling the show fake and phony and scripted and sort of just sickening overall.

"The family that is filmed is not my family," he said at the time, explaining how his parents and siblings were just taking on roles basically assigned to them by producers.

"They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself."

Amy Roloff Just Chills

In the years since, Jacob has made up with his family.

He's talked about his immaturity back when he filmed the series and explained in May 2017:

“I don’t want people to think that I’m living in a resentful sort of way towards the show... I’ve moved on from it.

“It’s just a natural progression of leaving the place you came from, moving on away from home, traveling away from home. Just getting away."

With Each Other

As mentioned previously, though, Molly has never made any kind of similar proclamation.

She has simply chosen to remain away from the cameras and has instead chosen to live a quiet and relaxed life with her husband.

Two years ago, of course, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff also quit Little People, Big World, although they can still be seen on occasion during family gatherings that air.

Overall, the main question surrounding the Roloffs at the moment is whether the program gets renewed for another season.

Let's all hope so, right?!?

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