Tori Spelling: Funds SEIZED from Her Bank to Pay Debt!

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It is no secret that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have financial troubles. Not only is it news, but the two have openly discussed it.

After Tori refused to fork over her debt, the court ordered the funds seized from her bank account.

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Us Weekly has gotten their hands on legal documents that reveal the outcome of just one of Tori's financial battles.

In March 2020, the court ordered a writ of execution in order to obtain the owed funds.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department carried out the order in April 2020.

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Tori was in debt to American Express to the tune of $88,731.25.

That is a great deal of personal debt, though technically not at the skyrocketing levels sometimes associated with celebrities.

It is unclear if American Express has actually been paid back yet. Sometimes, the wheels of justice move slowly.

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American Express filed the lawsuit against Tori three and a half years earlier, in October 2016.

The court issued a default judgment against her in March of 2017.

At that time, Tori was ordered to pay the credit card company the amount owed.

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Of course, that is not the only financial battle that Tori is facing.

In 2016, City National Bank opened a case against Tori and against her husband, Dean.

According to that case, they owe a whopping $266,000. In most parts of America, that's enough for a house. Not a big house, but a house.

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In August of 2019, nearly one year ago, Tori actually addressed her ongoing difficulties.

She poked fun at what was going down on Beverly Hills 90210.

Sometimes, it's good to tip your hat at well publicized drama, especially when it's something like money rather than a hurtful scandal.

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“That was a decision I made and we made together to put that in there,” Tori explained to Good Day New York in an interview.

“That’s such speculation," she noted, "media loves to talk about it."

Tori added: "so we were like, ‘Let’s face it straight on. Let’s put it in there.’”

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Good Day New York host Rosanna Scotto asked at the time if Tori is able to pay her bills.

“Am I able to pay my bills?" Tori repeated, seemingly offended by the contextually reasonable question.

Tori then answered: "Yeah, thank you. I am.”

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Tori was not the only one offended by the topically relevant question.

"F--king move on," Dean demanded of Scotto's question while recording his Daddy Issues podcast.

"That was so unclassy," Dean accused of the simple question.

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Tori doesn't only clash with interviewers who ask questions related to the exact topic of the interview, however.

She and Dean have five children. Liam is 13. Stella is 12. Hattie is 8. Finn is 7. And Beau is 3.

Fans accuse the pair of actors of using their children as props to make money in two ways.

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First of all, Tori has come under fire for allegedly monetizing her children on Instagram.

She has clapped back at critics, telling them that posting her kids on Instagram is not the same thing as using them in Instagram ads.

Though likes and follower counts, both driven by her kids, can impact paydays for endorsements, that is probably a fair distinction.

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The other way that Tori is accused of taking advantage of her kids for money is ... simply having them.

A lot of critics think that Tori and Dean keep having kids so that Tori's mother (who is, of course, loaded) will give them more money to care for her grandkids.

No grandmother wants to see her grandchildren suffer, but we have to imagine that she doesn't let Tori or Dean skim funds meant for the kids -- if they would even do such a thing.

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