Tori Roloff Expresses Quarantine-Related Concern Over Baby Daughter

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As previously reported, Lilah Roloff is a happy and healthy seven-month old.

And don't get her famous mother wrong: Tori Roloff could not be more grateful over this fact.

But the Little People, Big World star can't help but be a bit concerned at the moment, given the state of the country and the potential impact it could have on her daughter.

Lilah Roloff is So Cute

"I think all moms struggle with mom guilt," Tori reflected this week.

In her caption, she asked: "Are we doing enough? Are we being enough? Are we giving enough?":

"It’s real," Tori acknowledged.

Tori Roloff Hears Complicated News

"I want the best for my kids so badly," Tori wrote, "and I try my best each and every day to be the mom they deserve."

This much is clear to anyone that follows Tori on social media.

She is someone who gushes over her kids at every opportunity and who so very obviously thinks about their well-being at all times.

Celebrating Young Jackson

So, what has Roloff so concerned right now?

Especially considering that Lilah has not yet shown any ill effects of her dwarfism?

It is something to which many parents -- and even some non-parents -- can relate.

Up Close with Tori Roloff

"This girlsie here is my homegirl," continued Roloff in her latest message.

"She’s my smiley, sweet, loving girl," she gushed. "She is so obsessed with me and I can’t say I hate it."

Tori continued: "However, being quarantined has kept her from having the socialization that I think is so important at her age."

Tori with Lilah

Ah, yes. There it is.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

At over half a year old, Lilah only just interacted with her first fellow baby a few days ago.

Tori Roloff Opens Up About Second Pregnancy

"The second I pass her off to someone else that sweet smile quickly turns to tears and panic," explained Tori.

She was giving an example of how this VERY unusual situation has impacted her second-born.

"It’s hard to watch as a mom," she confessed, "because I get to see this sweet side of her that I feel others are missing out on."

Cradling Lilah

There's no doubt that millions of parents around the globe can relate to exactly what Tori is saying here, as the TLC star concluded:

I’m sharing this only as a reminder to myself and maybe others- we’re doing our best in a really difficult time.

Lilah will be socialized later and that’s okay.

New Mother of Two

Mom guilt is real and I don’t think it’ll ever go away.

However, if I can be real, I can’t wait for the day Lilah feels comfortable enough to share her smiles with everyone!!

That was clearly a very raw, emotional thing for Tori to express.

Tori and Zach on Easter

We absolutely understand.

You've probably read this a million times by now, but we're living through unprecedented times.

And with rare exceptions, parents with kids are probably struggling more than anyone.

Meeting Little Lilah

At least Tori seems to have the proper perspective on it all, you know?

All we can really say to her and other moms at the moment is... hang in there!

This, too, shall pass.

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