Lilah Roloff Turns 7 Months Old. What Can She Do?!?

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Tori Roloff knows there's a lot of unrest around the country at the moment.

The Little People, Big World star has even talked at length about the ongoing protests and nationwide push for racial equality.

Amid these challenging (and important!) times, however, Tori knows that her followers could benefit from some levity... and some cuteness.

Lilah Roloff at 7 Months

Hence, the TLC personality's latest update on daughter Lilah, who just turned seven months old and who is growing up so fast these days.

"Our smiley girl is 7 months old?! This has been my favorite month by far with our sweet bean," wrote Tori to open the caption she wrote alongside the above and below photos.

Just like her brother, Lilah is a little person.

She was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism ... and the same condition that afflicts her brother, dad and paternal grandparents.

More of Lilah Roloff

Tori has admitted in the past to having some concerns over Lilah due to this diagnosis, which has prompted many fans to continually ask a simple question:

How is Lilah doing?!?

"Lilah has started solids and loves avocado and oatmeal especially!" Tori continued in this quasi birthday post, adding:

"She lost some weight percentile last month so we’ve been working hard to add to her rolls and I think we’ve succeeded!"

Tori with Lilah

Those with achondroplasia typically have short arms and legs, an enlarged head and an average-sized trunk.

In rare cases, surgery might be needed to help correct an abnormal curvature of the spine. (Matt Roloff, for instance, has undergone several back procedures.)

Often, however, little people such as this live a long and healthy life.

They just cannot do all the things that an average-sized person can do as a result of these physical limitations.

Tori and Zach on Easter

"Girlsie is a total mamas girl (which can sometimes be frustrating but I have to admit I love the attention)," added Tori in her update, continuing on follows:

"She scoots everywhere but still doesn’t have much interest in sitting up.

"She loves car rides and went on her first road trip all the way to Arizona.

"She can’t keep her hands out of her mouth."

Cradling Lilah

Tori has made it a habit to keep followers well-informed of her daughter at least once a month, concluding her post in this case with:

"We can finally get some real giggles out of this serious lady!

"We sure do love you girlsie! Keep growing and smiling!"

As always, we're so very appreciative of Tori for sharing this update and so very appreciative for all the pictures she shares of her kids.

They are absolute cutie patooties! 

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