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The many infamous Teen Mom stars and their families are coming back to MTV, COVID-19 pandemic or not.

But since we are in the midst of this health crisis, MTV has had to get creative … and some of their producers aren’t willing to make the sacrifice.

Teen Mom OG Reunites
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The good folks over at The Ashley spoke to someone with the inside scoop on how MTV is going to make Teen Mom Season 9 happen.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes so much of everyday life dangerous, but just like some parts of the sports world, reality TV is finding a way to cope.

The network has ironed out a plan for filming both Teen Mom OG and more of Teen Mom 2.

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First up, it is confirmed that Teen Mom is getting a Season 9. Not everyone was so sure about that.

As for Teen Mom 2, which has only filmed up to the upcoming Season 10A, the source share that "it’s almost 100 percent certain" that they will film more.

That is not the same as an official announcement, but it’s reassuring to anxious fans just the same.

Bri De

As with almost everything that couldn’t be done from home or that wasn’t absolutely essential, Teen Mom production shut down back in March.

Now, cast members have filmed themselves, as well as being filmed via video chat.

There was some filming before the pandemic, so we can expect to see all of this incorporated into new seasons.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell on Set

Most of the world is currently slowly getting back to normal. The US, due to gross mismanagement at the highest levels, cannot.

As such, MTV knows that they cannot simply wait another couple of months for the pandemic to magically end.

Instead, they have to make sure that stars and the production crew can film with minimal risk as the pandemic rages.

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“The company wants to fly the same group of production and crew members to [the girl’s] area," the insider shares.

The source says that the plan is to send them out and keep them there for a few months."

"This is very different from our normal shooting schedule," the insider notes, "where we’d only be out there a week or so at a time and then come home.”

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“[The crew] will have to quarantine away from the girls for a week," the source explains, "then film almost daily for a few months."

"Everyone will be tested [for COVID-19] every two weeks," the insider lays out.

"And," the source adds, everyone involved would have to "get their temperature checked every day.”

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While production has been told, it sounds like the majority of the Teen Mom cast members have not been brought up to speed.

Another source says that these adult moms "won’t be happy" to film this frequently, since they’re accustomed to filming with more breaks.

But the majority of hardship will fall on the production crew as they spend months sequestered and away from home.

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“No one will be allowed to go home to see their families," the insider points out.

They will not be able to go home "or have people visit them in the state they’re working in.”

“They will be kept in a quarantine ‘bubble’ just like the NBA," the insider characterizes it.

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"They’ll basically be isolated from everyone," the source adds, "but the cast and other crew members.”

Some of the regular members of the production crew have turned down the gig, on the grounds that it’s a grueling, months-long assignment with risks.

In fact, some of the stars currently "have no producer" for the planned filming.

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“Some producers and crew are willing to do it," the insider notes.

But they’re willing "if they can change to working with some of the girls that live closer to New York City, in case of a family emergency."

“They’re having a harder time finding a crew for the girls who live far from the New York area," the source explains, "where most of the production people live.”

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“An ad was posted [for the network] recently," the insider says.

The ad was posted "stating that this would all begin as early as August 2 and go for as long as 15 weeks.”

That is a staggeringly long amount of time to spend away from home — even if you’re single with no children or pets.

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“The network is providing housing for everyone," the source shares.

"And," the insider dishes, "we’re being promised it’s accommodations that are better-suited for long-term stays."

This will be preferable "instead of just the standard hotel rooms."

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"But a lot of people are holding out to see how the pay will be," the source notes.

"That August 2 date doesn’t seem plausible," the insider remarks of the ad.

August is right around the corner. People cannot make plans to upend their lives that quickly … but perhaps pay and training for newcomers would start then, not filming. We can only guess.