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Sonja Morgan is here to end all the speculation.

And also to give us a look at how she spends some of her massive paycheck.

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Speaking to E! News on Monday, the veteran Real Housewives of New York star revealed that she recently dropped $75,000 on some significant plastic surgery.

"I promised to tell you first," Morgan joked to Justin Sylvester on yesterday’s Daily Pop, promoting the nip and tuck she underwent at the hands of surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono.

As for what the procedure entailed?

"He goes under the muscle, which keeps the skin attached to the muscle so all the blood vessels are still attached and very vibrant and alive."

Photo via Instagram

Jacono himself even spoke to this program about the surgery, likely in exchange for giving Morgan a discount.

The goal, he explained, was to give Morgan a natural looking revamp with a minimal access deep plane extended facelift and accompanying neck lift.

"It lifts the deep structures of the face while also releasing facial ligaments," he said.

"Which results in a naturally volumized, heart-shaped face of youth, free of distortion or tension. It also eliminates the need for recurrent injectable fillers and fat grafting."

Photo via Instagram

Did Morgan spend the $75,000 wisely?

"I don’t take chances. My face is my money," Morgan says. "Well first my mouth is my money and like to say my ass-ets are my money, too!"

Well… okay then!

Either way, here is a look at Sonja Morgan before the surgery:

Photo via Instagram

And here’s a look Sonja Morgan after the surgery:

Photo via Instagram

On Instagram, meanwhile, the Bravo personality explained her decision to followers like this:

There’s been speculation around my fresh new look. I got a lower facelift and neck lift after wrapping Season 12. I just wanted to be rid of the wrinkling on my neck and the jowels that were starting to form.

People thought I was nuts because it was so subtle. But not to me!

It was a no-brainer – gravity had taken its toll, I was also exhausted and I needed a “pick me up”.

I entrusted my face to the best @drjacono and he hit it out of the park.

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Last year, Morgan confessed to Us Weekly that minor procedures such as Botox and fillers are "part of my self-care" routine, but said she draws the line at liposuction.

“Where I felt in this day and age I went too far is to do liposuction. I don’t think it’s in anymore. You don’t really need to have that,” she said.

“If your doctor says do it, do it. I just had the doughnut around my belly button taken off, but why bother?

"I mean really, why bother because people really embrace their curves now.”

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In related news, another member of the Bravo family has also gone under the knife:

We’re talking about 19-year old Gia Giudice!

She just got a nose job.