Janelle Brown: I'm Finally Confident in a Bathing Suit!

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As we've detailed for several weeks now, Janelle Brown may not be confident in her marriage right now.

Nearly all the Sister Wives seem pretty displeased with Kody Brown these days.

Janelle Brown Selfie

But, thankfully, the same can no longer be said for Janelle when it comes to her own body.

As evidenced by a recent selfie at the beach, the long-time TLC personality is feeling pretty darn good about this aspect of her life at the moment.

"For years I made excuses about going anywhere that required swimsuit," wrote Janelle along with the snapshot, adding:

"All of my insecurities… As I became more accepting of my wonderful body and all the things it could do I became more confident."

Janelle on Insta

That's so very nice to read.

Sadly, milliions of women around the world can likely relate to Brown's insecurities when it comes to their figure.

Continued Janelle in her post:

“I’m a work in progress for sure but I missed out on so much fun through the years. No more! So here is my yearly post about how to go to the beach. Put on your suit and go."

Janelle Brown Gets Silly

Janelle, of course, had to acknowledge the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to conclude her message, writing:

“This year of course be sure to distance and wear your mask when appropriate- today was pretty much coming and going from our actual spot."

Brown is also coming off a skin cancer diagnosis, which may also shed some light on where she's coming from in this post.

Janelle Brown on a Couch

A mother of six, Janelle spent the weekend with her son, daughter and granddaughter... but not, it should be noted, with Kody.

The solo trip came just a few weeks after Janelle teased she’s having marital issues with her spiritual husband.

“This is me - sitting in my office - getting our taxes ready for the CPA - this is one of the most stressful things I do all year," wrote Janelle on Facebook in June.

"I have, in many years past, munched my way through the week, the week being the time that it usually takes me to complete the process.

"So far so good. I know I’m not hungry - it’s just the stress talking. But it is so seductive isn’t it? To just give in. Stay strong."

Janelle and Kody Brown Together

Why was this notable?

In the background, fans took note of a piece of art hanging on the wall -- of a sad face mixed with dark colors.

Wrote Janelle:

"P.S. - the art in the background was an impulse buy from a local art shop - I think it’s called dreams - but it’s for a dark tone to it - maybe the dreams aren’t happy - don’t know - it appealed to me.

"But today maybe it’s the weird dreams you get when you are stressed out lol."

Janelle Brown on Camera

Could Janelle have been referring to something as basic as doing her taxes here? Yes.

But could she also have been citing the stress and anxiety of her relationship? Yes.

Especially when you consider what Meri recently wrote on Instagram about anxiety and her past.

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Who would NOT be all stressed out when having to deal with Kody on a regular basis?

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