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Sister Wives took a much-needed break from the ongoing tension between Kody Brown and his spouses on this week.

Seriously, we can’t be the only ones sick of hearing Kody put everyone else down for disagreeing with his real estate plans, can we?

On Sunday night, it was therefore refreshing to see the focus of the TLC series shift for an episode over to one of Kody’s kids…

Mariah Brown with Fiancee
Photo via TLC

… and a personal journey far more interesting and important than whether or not the Browns all live in the same house or not.

Indeed, Mariah Brown was brought to the forefront this week, as Kody’s daughter broke down into tears while discussing intimate details about her romantic and family life. 

And as she did, the reality star received support from her fiancée, Audrey Kriss.

What are things like for a woman who was raised in a very religious household — and later realized she was gay?

Photo via TLC

“In my teens, I felt very devoted to the church that I was raised in,” the 24-year old said in a joint confessional with Audrey, adding:

“I wanted to live polygamy. I think it was a way to protect myself from, like, coming out to myself, really.”

This is where Mariah started to cry.

But she fought on and continued in her candid confessioan.

Photo via TLC

“I’m very grateful [for] the way my parents raised me," she explained, perhaps to the surprise of some fans.

‘I’m very grateful for my upbringing and at the same time, it was very painful. And it was really hard for me to, like, be gay and be religous at the same time.”

Mariah proceeded to admit that she’s often “considered many times” how different her life would be if her family had not moved to Las Vegas.

“My guess is what would happen is I would get married to a man with a few wives, be there a few years, hate my life and eventually leave,” she said.

Photo via TLC

As for how her dad reacted when she told him she was gay?

Did Kody explode or judge his daughter for her sexuality?

“Right after I came out, my dad, he told me this before but he reiterated to me that he had a conversation with God many years ago and God said, ‘You love, I judge,’” she recalled.

“And so all dad did was love. That’s all he does with everybody.”

Photo via TLC

That’s a different side to Kody than we typically see, isn’t it?

Over the past several weeks, Kody has come across more selfish and insensitive than ever while clashing with Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine.

One would think that the Mormon Church would frown upon someone such as Mariah, and one might be right about this.

But, on this Sister Wives episode, Mariah only had positive things to say about her parents and loved ones.

Photo via Instagram

“Religious institutions are spaces where there’s rules and if you are not following these rules or guidelines, you can feel pretty marginalized and I did feel that way with my church," she said on air, continuing as follows:

"But with my family, I found so much comfort and they love me anyway.

"They love me and they love Audrey, and they love our love.”

That is so very nice and refreshing to heear.

Mariah Brown, Fiancee
Photo via Instagram

Mariah, whose mother is Meri Brown, came out to her family during a July 2017 episode of Sister Wives.

At the time, the then-21-year-old received warm reactions from her relatives, along with fans of the long-running program.

Since sharing her truth, Mariah went on to propose to Audrey at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

She said just this January that her mental health hasn’t been great, but at least she has the support of her dad and her family back home.

Watch Sister Wives Season 14 Episode 11 Online
Watch Sister Wives Season 14 Episode 11 Online

"I think sometimes mental & physical health feel really separated, but the truth is, they are all one in the same," Mariah wrote on Instagram about two months ago.

"I am a whole human being meant to be treated as such. and so are you. what a privilege it is to care for my whole being."

Referencing her dog, Mariah concluded back then:

I hope koda can be a little reminder for all of us that sometimes running around, getting lots of snuggles, and chilling out are all we need.

And maybe sometimes, we need a little bit more than that, too, and it’s a beautiful thing to be able give that to ourselves…