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You guys…

Meri Brown has done it again.

Meri in Black and White
Photo via Instagram

The Sister Wives cast member, who rarely lets a day go by without sharing some mysterious on her social media pages, wrote about the value of good judgment on Sunday.

She shared a quote on her Instagram Stories that read as follows: “Common sense, proper noun.

"A mythical Creature akin to a Yeti or Bigfoot that has eluded and baffled human society since the dawn of time."

Now, of course, it’s time for the guessing game to begin.

Is Meri making a subtle reference here to Kody Brown?

Is she hinting that she made a bad decision back when she exchanged vows with him in 1990?

Or is she perhaps throwing shade at her spiritual husband and claiming he lacks any and all common sense?

Just, overall… is Meri talking about Kody with this meme?

Meri Brown in LuLaRoe
Photo via Instagram

We’ve asked this same question many times before — but the answer has been more obvious in the past.

When Meri shares a number of photos of her loved ones and says she misses them during this pandemic… but doesn’t mention Kody at all?

We all know what she’s saying.

Meri Brown and a Pillow

When Meri cites her personal failures and hardships and talks about learning from these experiences and not getting discouraged by them/

Again, we all know what she’s saying.

We all know what she’s referring to, you know?

Meri Brown on Her Show

When Meri says she wants to thrive?

She wants to do more than merely survive in a life that lacks real love or passion or excitement?

Once again, there’s no real mystery there. She’s taking a shot at Kody Brown.

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona

Rumors have been swirling for months that Meri and Kody have called it quits, although it’s really just a technicality at this point.

The former spouses got divorced in 2014 so that Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s children from a previous relationship.

For very understandable reasons, tension has existed between Kody and Meri ever since… with the former even trying to date back in 2015.

Only to get caught up in an embarrassing catfishing scandal.

Meri Brown and Eyebrows
Photo via Instagram

During the most recent season of Sister Wives, Meri said their marriage has been “pretty rocky for a while” during a therapy session — while Kody admitted he “regretted” their marriage.

Then, earlier this week, Meri wrote on Instagram:

"The past four months I’ve missed so many things, and people, and places! I miss sharing space with my people.

"I miss hugs and kisses and cuddles from the kiddos. I miss shenanigans with my bestie."

Photo via Instagram

She added:

"Until the world is safer, I’ll continue doing the things I can. Enjoying the daily walks in the beauty of Flagstaff.

"Hiking trails are in abundance here! I’ll do my projects at home, heaven knows I have plenty. And work.

"This social distancing will pass. This pandemic will pass. These emotions will pass. Things will be ok. We got this!"

Nowhere in this message did Meri say a word about Kody at all.