Meri Brown: I Don't Miss Kody! Not One Bit!

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Like nearly all responsible Americans, Meri Brown has been staying away from nearly all other human beings for months now.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the veteran Sister Wives star has been isolating in Arizona, keeping her distance from people in order not to get sick and/or to ensure she doesn't get anyone else sick.

Good for her, right?

Meri Brown and Some Fam

Unlike nearly all responsible Americans who are marrried, however, Meri isn't spending any time with her spouse during this unprecedented time. 

Here's the thing, though:

We're pretty sure she doesn't care!

Not one teeny, tiny bit!

Meri Brown and Peeps

On Friday night, Meri posted a montage of photos to her official Instagram account.

She wrote as a caption to the snapshots:

"Y'all! I miss my peeps! I don't know why, but this past week it's hit me HARD!

"I refuse to believe this is our new 'normal'. Nothing about what we're doing is 'normal.'"

Meri Brown Group Photo

Added the TLC personality:

"I understand and accept that we're in a season of social distancing, and as hard as it is sometimes, it's what we need to do.

"I also believe that it will pass and things, although changed, will get back closer to what they were before. Eventually."

"The past four months I've missed so many things, and people, and places! I miss sharing space with my people."

Meri Brown: A Selfie

We can all totally relate to this sentiment, can't we?

The quarantine is necessary and it will end at some point and perhaps we'll all appreciate those close to us in life just a tad bit more once it does.

What's notable about Meri's slideshow, though, along with the message she has penned next to it is this:

There's no mention of Kody Brown and not a single image of Kody Brown to be found!

Kiss for Meri Brown

Meri, of course, takes a moment almost everyday to passive aggressively trash the man she married in 1990.

Brown recently admitted that her marriage was a failure and has said she's ready to thrive as a single woman -- far away from Kody.

Typically, however, Meri remains pretty broad when taking swipes at Kody, forcing followers to read between her lines if they want to comprehend the meaning behind her posts or memes.

But not this time.

Fun in the Woods

You can't get any more straighforward than a college of people you love and miss... which doesn't include your husband!

"I miss hugs and kisses and cuddles from the kiddos. I miss shenanigans with my bestie," continued Meri in her caption.

"I miss trips to Oregon, and Chicago, and Seattle, and California. I miss the happiest place on earth.

"I have so many things I want to do when we get through this. Drive down the pacific coast. Fly out to New York.

"Go to Disneyland. And go to Disneyland again. Go back to Vegas and see all my people! Hug! Just hug!"

Meri Brown with a Pal

We doubt Kody will care about this snub.

As Meri herself has documented, he doesn't care about anyone or anything these days.

Concluded the Sister Wives cast member on Friday:

Who knew back in February and March this was what our world was going to look like this summer?

Meri Brown and Her Friends

I'm SO grateful for the connections I do have, the texting, the phone calls, the every day Marco Polo with my bff.

These are the things we need to utilize right now while we can't be in each others space and doing all the adventuring we're craving.

So until the world is safer, I'll continue doing the things I can. Enjoying the daily walks in the beauty of Flagstaff.

Hiking trails are in abundance here! I'll do my projects at home, heaven knows I have plenty. And work.

I'm SO fortunate to have my work. I know so many are so much less fortunate and my heart goes out to them all.

This social distancing will pass. This pandemic will pass. These emotions will pass. Things will be ok. We got this!

Meri Brown and a Pillow

It's also worth noting that Meri didn't include any photos here of Janelle, Christine or Robyn Brown.

And she had to know what she was doing, right? She had to know the speculation that would follow such snubs, you know?

Does this mean Meri is done fooling around? She's done even trying to pretend that she's still a happy member of this polygamous family?


We're curious to see what she posts next.

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