Jenelle Evans: COVID-19 Is a Hoax and Masks Are For Losers!

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Now that 130,000 Americans are dead, and infection rates are spiking all over the country, you might think that even the most stalwart coronavirus deniers would begin to see the light.

But some folks have nothing to hold onto except their own ignorance, and not surprisingly, Jenelle Evans is one of them.

Jenelle in Nashville

We probably don't need to tell you that 2020 has been a year of constant upheaval.

And if you follow her on social media, you know that the usually-outspoken Ms. Evans has refused to comment on any of it. 

While millions protested following the police murder of George Floyd, Evans looked on approvingly as her husband posted racist rants against Michelle Obama.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

While millions were hospitalized amid the most devastating global health crisis of the past century, Evans posted TikTok dances and cracked jokes.

At first, fans implored Jenelle to speak out about the Floyd murder and the riots that followed.

As she repeatedly refused to offer any sort of commentary, fans began to realize that the opinion of a Confederate flag enthusiast like Jenelle is probably one that they would rather not hear.

Jenelle Evans and All Kids

Similarly, fans have encouraged Evans to offer her take on the coronavirus pandemic -- and many are now wishing she'd kept her opinion to herself.

For months, Evans was rumored to be a coronavirus denier.

She consistently refused to say otherwise, and she's a Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist, so it's safe to assume she believes it's all one big global hoax designed to ... get rid of the NFL preseason?

Jenelle Evans Eats

We're not really sure what these people believe, but Jenelle confirmed she's one of them this week by tweeting that she doesn't wear a mask and looks down on those who do:

"Please speak up if you’re wearing masks, it’s hard to hear some of you," Evans tweeted.

She added a laughing emoji to confirm that she is, indeed, mocking those who choose to wear masks.

Thankfully, she was roasted within an inch of her life on Twitter and Reddit:

Jenelle Evans with a Pillow

"Imagine talking down on someone for wearing a mask during a goddamn pandemic. Idiotic to say the least," one follower wrote.

"This wasn’t even funny why is she acting like it’s some sassy joke it’s just a mundane statement i’m???" another aptly pointed 0u8t;

Others got more personal and reminded Jenelle of exactly what she's making fun of here:

Jenelle Evans Can't Believe You

"I lost my aunt to COVID so if you could be a little more considerate, it would make it a lot easier for the literal hundreds of thousands of people who have lost love ones to this. Thank you," wrote one Twitter user.

"I have health issues so I hope people wear Masks because I am considered in the higher risk groups for COVID because with 22q syndrome you have a higher risk of getting it," another added.

"So I hope people wear them not a lot don’t because they don't care about us."

Jenelle Evans: Happy with Kids

But the most scathing comment may have been this brilliantly simple burn:

"Wonder if David will have to wear one in court tomorrow," one fan wrote.

Yes, David was in court this week after being arrested for pistol-whipping one of Jenelle's friends.

He pled not guilty, and there's no word yet on when his trial will begin.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

Obviously, there are many, many reasons to hope that David goes to jail.

A big one is the possibility that Jenelle will begin to think for herself and experience flashes of sanity from time to time once he's locked up.

Seems unlikely, but we can always dream.

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