Eric Rosenbrook: 90 Day Fiance Alum Says TLC Threatened Him to Start Drama or GTFO

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In all of 90 Day Fiance, few couples are more widely reviled than Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha.

Now, the couple that kicked Eric's teenage daughter out of her own home is claiming that they only seem like villains because of editing and threats.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha via Domenick Nati

"They remove context,” Eric accuses 90 Day Fiance's editing team during a lengthy interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

“In our season, between us and Tasha, they just removed the context completely," he claims.

"And," Eric says of the show's production, "they put in their own narrative."

Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook, Black and White

"They edited it in a way that explains it in a way they wanted it displayed," Eric insists.

"And," he claims, "if they would’ve played the whole conversation, it would have changed everything."

There is at least some truth to that.

Leida Margaretha, Husband

We know that 90 Day Fiance does at least as much editing for storylines as other major reality shows. But does the "villain edit" claim hold up?

For example, if they only show someone in a bad mood or bringing up a touchy subject, that's clearly edited for storyline.

But no amount of selective footage is going to put words into someone's mouth.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha, First County Fair

Of course, the fallout between Eric & Leida vs Eric's daughter Tasha, who was 19 when they filmed, was not merely "editing."

After Tasha was forced to leave her home, the feud became an online feud. Leida took out a 4-year restraining order against Tasha in 2019.

Despite that, however, Eric confirms that he does have some contact with his daughter.

90 Day Fiance Tasha vs Leida

"Some things that had been done during the dispute can’t be undone currently right now, unfortunately,” Eric states vaguely.

“ … So the relationship is just kind of kept down low," he characterizes.

Eric adds: "We don’t really do much together."

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

"They don’t script, but they produce,” Eric says when he explains the way that production tweaks real events.

“So they will create scenarios, they will create situations," he adds, still being aggressively vague.

However, we have heard this from other 90 Day Fiance stars. Producers prompt stars on most shows in order to get soundbites or elicit drama.

Leida Margaretha on 90 Day Fiance

Eric describes how Leida, in particular, seems more dramatic on the show because producers would fiddle with her tone.

Multiple times, he recalls, they would ask her to bring up her energy for a scene.

Producers would manipulate them, shaming them into escalating their voice tones by saying things like "the story is so boring."

Eric and a Disappointed Leida

"The interviews, when you’re sitting in the chair, you’re sitting in that chair for 12 hours,” Eric says of the confessional portions of the show.

“Literally, you’ll go all night if they don’t get what they want," he explains.

Eric spells it out: "You go through questions and they ask you different ways." Again, they want the right soundbites to play during the show.

90 Day Fiance - Leida Scolds Tasha

"During [filming] they treat you pretty good,” Eric says of his experience with the series.

He does note: “Except for when they threaten you if you don’t give them what they want."

Reality TV can be a shady business.

Eric Rosenbrook

Eric and Leida apparently told TLC that they would only return if they each made $5,000 per episode ... and if the network bought them a truck.

He says that he made this "offer" after being asked to appear on a spinoff. (Famously, stars make only about $1,000 per episode)

"They were like, ‘No, we don’t do that,’” Eric recalls. “And I was like, ‘All right cool, then leave us alone.’"

Leida is Unhappy

We need to acknowledge that two things can be true because they are not actually contradictory.

One, 90 Day Fiance is infamous for not only one-sided editing but for prompts from producers to stir up drama.

Two, that the way that Eric and Leida handled their disagreements with Eric's teenage daughter was unacceptable and abhorrent.

90 Day Fiance - Eric and Leida

After all, we remember Eric's own words on the Tell All.

When other 90 Day Fiance stars chimed in to support Tasha, Eric dismissed their words, claiming that their generation was "entitled."

That baseless claim, uttered only by the worst old people in the world, showed how desperate Eric was to defend himself at the time.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha Tell All

However, there is good news for those worried about the dramatic, heartbreaking way that Tasha lost her father.

Leida and Tasha quashed their feud late last year, despite their complicated history.

In fact, they apparently bonded over shared interests, including a mutal love of cosplay.

Leida Margaretha is self-aware

Though most people will never look at Eric and Leida the same after how their season ended, Eric may have bought himself some good will with a few.

Unfortunately, he then immediately threw that all away with some alarming comments that can only be described as racist.

Eric weighed in on the courageous Black Lives Matter protests nationwide, and his thoughts are both twisted and hateful.

Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook to the cameras

He says that the movement, which exists solely to end the escalating police violence against Black Americans, is a "terrorist organization."

Eric goes on to accuse BLM of promoting "Black supremacy," which is not a thing in real life.

Doubling down upon his deranged opinions, he says that he does not support BLM because it is "a fascist movement."

Always interesting to hear from Eric, Leida, and the metaphorical worms infesting Eric's brain.

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