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Outraging fans, Britney Spears’ own brother claims she’s too immature to care for herself, even though she’s a 38-year-old mother of two.

Meanwhile, Kevin Federline, the father of her children, trusts her implicitly with the care of their children.

Britney and Kevin

TMZ confirms that Britney Spears is still seeing her young teenage sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline.

She is not receiving any resistance in that from their father, Kevin Federline, the site’s sources reveal.

That may sound like business as usual but, given recent discourse, it’s something that fans both wanted and needed to hear.

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What discourse, you ask? The #FreeBritney cries from fans and mental health advocates alike.

Amidst widespread cries to end Britney’s outrageous conservatorship, there has been pushback from those who want Jamie Spears to retain control over his daughter’s life.

If we’re to believe that Britney truly cannot manage her life’s decisions, shouldn’t we be asking if she capable of being a mother to her kids?

Kevin Federline Red Carpet Photo

But what sources tell TMZ is that if Kevin ever felt worried about his kids being around Britney, he’d do something about it.

Specifically, he would try to end or reduce the time that they can spend with their mom.

After all, even someone who isn’t a danger to their kids can still traumatize them when certain mental health issues present themselves.

Britney Spears Glory

But Kevin doesn’t believe that Britney poses any kind of risk to or around their sons, whom she loves very much.

He is confident that Sean and Jayden are safe and healthy when they spend time at their mother’s house.

At present, they spend about 30% of their time with Britney at her house.

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Now, Kevin having no worries about Britney’s state of mind does not mean that he is going to weigh in on this publicly.

TMZ reports that he plans to stay out of the public conversation, in part because he is not an expert.

Kevin is no expert, so he apparently doesn’t feel qualified.

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Real talk?

With total control over Britney’s life, the conservatorship could make Kevin’s life difficult — challenging things like his hefty child support in court.

Some fans believe that Kevin is unwilling to rock the boat because he has no incentive to do so.

Last year, Britney’s brief stay at a mental health facility stoked the fires of #FreeBritney.

Fans are alarmed and horrified by the way what began as a single-weekend emergency conservatorship has lasted 12 years with no end in sight.

Britney is not at liberty to do simple things like vote (her Constitutional right) or get married or drive her own car.

Sam Asghari

She is a 38-year-old woman with two teenage sons who cannot make as many choices as most of us can.

We all recognize that mental health is a complicated topic and can prohibit people from living their lives.

But her controlling, awful father’s role in the conservatorship has had fans on edge for years — even before he allegedly attacked one of her sons.

Jamie Spears Image

Fortunately, Kevin Federline — who is not beholden to the conservatorship in the ways that Britney is — obtained a protective order.

After an incident in which Jamie allegedly broke down a door and grabbed one of Britney’s sons and shook him, he is barred from seeing either of the boys.

The order will only last for three years — with Jamie’s fragile health, fans and children’s advocates hope that it will protect the boys for the rest of Jamie’s life.

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Fans are supposed to believe that Britney, who has done extensive music tours and lengthy Vegas residency shows during her conservatorship, is unfit to make her own choices.

Having seen her spectacular performances, fans find it hard to believe that she is incapable of living her life.

Unable to drive safely? Sure, people could buy that. Unable to vote or vacation on her own? That’s a hard pill to swallow.