Angelina Pivarnick Goes OFF on Deena Nicole Cortese: How Dare You Disrespect Me!

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It's hard to believe that it;s been almost eight months since Angelina Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira in a lavish ceremony in - where else? - the great U.S. State of New Jersey.

But the MTV star is still talking about her wedding on a daily basis.

Angelina Pivarnick Wedding

And we probably don't need to tell you she's not fondly reminiscing on the best day of her life. No, to hear Angelina tell it, her wedding was ruined by the actions of her co-stars and former friends.

You know the story by now.

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids' speech at Angelina's wedding has become the stuff of legend thanks to envelope-pushing jokes delivered by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, and Deena Nicole Cortese.

When the text of the speech was first made public, the backlash was so fast and so severe that Snooki retired from Jersey Shore in hopes of putting an end to the barrage of bullying accusations.

JWoww and Deena Roast Angelina

Once the episode aired, though, some had a change of heart.

Viewers, in some cases, accused Ange of overreacting, or even playing along with the joke at the time, then feigning anger later.

Others, of course, doubled down in their praise of Pivarnick's handling of the situation, as well as their anger at her castmates.

Angelina Pivarnick Body

“They’re blaming you for the fact that THEY embarrassed you on your wedding day but you were respectful and respected Deena’s son’s baptism,” one such fan tweeted to Angelina on Tuesday.

“They’re just making excuses for what they did to you like they always do."

"And yeah! Angelina has gotten hate FOR YEARS!!”

Angelina Pivarnick 2020

Not surprisingly, the 34-year-old, newly-wedded Angelina wholeheartedly agreed with this assessment of the situation:

“Yes!!!!! She said no drama at her [baby’s] baptism!!!" she replied, according to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.

"I respected her and didn’t do anything."

Angelina P.

"Then," Angelina said, "I asked her to be a bridesmaid (MTV and 495 [productions] didn’t tell me to do that I wanted to do that on my own) and they come to my wedding and did what they did."

"Excuses, excuses."

Deena welcomed her first child back in January of 2019, and the baptism that followed was a mostly drama-free affair.

Deena's Baby Shower

And apparently, Angelina wants credit for that, or something.

Pivarnick seems to be singling Deena out due to recent comments Cortese made about Pivarnick's alleged refusal to step in and put a stop to the online harassment endured by her co-stars.

"For months, myself, Jenni and Nicole were getting threats and her knowing how bad it was for us she continued to play the victim and make us look terrible to people," Deena recently wrote on Twitter.

Deena is Sad

"And after seeing the episode and seeing her true colors … I can care less if I ever see her again in my life,” she added.

Pivarnick was unmoved by her co-star's commentary.

“I’ve been getting death threats since 2009 And I still get them to this day,” Angelina wrote in response.

Angelina Pivarnick Selfie

"You are always going to have trolls commenting and saying stupid s–t. Don’t blame [me] for other people’s actions.”

“I can’t control what people write to you or what they write to me," Pivarnick told Cortese, and she has a point there.

Whatever you think of her, at least keep your opinions and criticism focused on things she's actually said or done.

Angelina on Her Big Day

Many believe Angelina badly overreacted after essentially encouraging her castmates to roast her at her wedding.

Some have even gone so far as to accuse Pivarnick of single-handedly killing the Jersey Shore franchise.

By forcing her most famous co-star(s) to step sway from the show, she may have set off a chain reaction.

That might be a bit of an overstatement. All reality shows feed off of the drama, and this was no exception.

But whatever the case, it seems clear that all these months later, Angelina is still very, very pissed off.
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