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Long before Abby Lee Miller was fired from Dance Moms, she took a break from the show to serve her prison sentence and then undergo cancer treatments.

Now, Miller is filing a massive lawsuit against her own attorneys — saying that they ruined her chance to seek justice.

Abby Lee Miller on Inside Edition
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Abby Lee Miller has filed a lawsuit against her former attorneys at The Claypool Law Firm and specifically Natalie Vallejos.

She is seeking compensation and damages to the tune of $2.5 million.

She says that the amount is to compensate her for both emotional distress and for otherwise irreparable financial loss.

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According to Miller’s lawsuit, she is accusing the defendants of professional negligence.

She also accuses them of breach of duty and of legal malpractice.

Why? The short answer is that Miller wanted to sue over some heinous mistreatment … and says that her attorneys totally dropped the ball.

Abby Lee Miller on the Dance Moms Season 8 Trailer
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As fans may recall from our reporting, Abby Lee Miller was released from prison on March 26, 2018.

She alleges that, as she was being released, “a female prison guard forcefully kicked her in the head with her boot."

"Shortly thereafter," the lawsuit describes, "Plaintiff was transported to a half-way house in Hollywood, California.”

Abby Lee Miller Weeps
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Miller has also lamented having been allegedly deprived of her thyroid medication and diabetes medications, both being essential to her health.

“The removal of these medications lowered Plaintiff’s immune system," the lawsuit notes.

The suit accuses that this deprivation had the effect of "significantly contributing to the looming health crisis she would soon face.”

Abby Lee Miller Fought Hard to Be Here
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That medical crisis first reared its ugly head on April 1, 2018, when Miller began to feel ill.

Within the week, she was taken from her halfway house to urgent care in Beverly Hills.

There, she was prescribed a simple Z-Pak.

Abby Lee Miller Cries Miserably
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But the following day, Miller went to a dentist because her jaw had become numb overnight.

Miller laments that the dentist allegedly failed to warn her that this could be a neurological symptom and was not necessarily a dental problem.

This was not the end of the troubles of Miller’s escalating medical mystery.

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The next day, Miller was finally put back on her diabetes and thyroid medications by another doctor.

She received a B-12 shot and reports not having felt the injection at all.

Miller regrets that the doctor at the time allegedly did not delve further into her mysterious symptoms.

Abby Lee Miller Lectures on Dance Moms Season 8 Trailer
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Over the next few weeks, Miller’s health issues continued to emerge, prompting a series of Urgent Care visits.

Describing the experience, Miller accuses the staff of a dismissive attitude towards her.

She perceives some of the staff as “insinuating that she was fabricating her symptoms to get out of the half-way house.”

Abby Lee Miller Goes Back to Work
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It wasn’t until April 13, 2018 that Miller says that she finally saw a doctor who insisted on her undergoing an MRI.

During the MRI, she experienced involuntary limb movements that she could not explain.

By the end of the scan, her blood pressure had plummetted and she was admitted to the ICU to address the life-threatening situation.

Abby Lee Miller Walks in Sunlight
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Over the course of the first half of April, what began as numbness became paralysis as Miller became immobilized from the neck down.

“Additionally," court documents describe, "Plaintiff temporarily lost the ability to feed herself and her words became slurred."

These are clear signs of a rapidly progressing neurological condition of some kind.

Abby Lee Miller Sleeps in the Hospital
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Finally, Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed after spinal surgery revealed that what was believed to be an infection was something else entirely.

The cause, of course, was Burkitt Lymphoma, a cancer that is extremely rare in adults in the United States.

Between APril 2018 and November 2018, she underwent 10 grueling rounds of chemotherapy.

Abby Lee Miller Scar
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Abby Lee Miller says that she reached out to Brian Claypool of The Claypool Law Firm because she wished to sue.

Her goal was to “address all the catastrophic medical failures which led to her paralysis.”

Paying $7,000 to get them working on her case, Miller wished to sue the government for what she described as medical negligence during her incarceration and time in the halfway house.

Abby Lee Miller, Hospital Selfie
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In her lawsuit, Miller accuses her attorney of all but ghosting her for months, giving her no updates.

Then, on April 16 of 2019, she says that Natalie Vallejos, an associate of the law firm, sent her an email.

The email reportedly informed her that the statute of limitations had run out on Miller’s claim and thus the firm was no longer able to file the suit.

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This means that Miller will never be able to bring her assault and battery claims against the government.

To be clear, according to the lawsuit, Miller obtained legal counsel and hired them to do one job.

Instead, she says, they took her money and then twiddled their thumbs until the clock ran out, preventing Miller from ever seeking justice.

Abby Lee Miller in a Wheelchair
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These days, Abby Lee Miller is a paraplegic and despite many months of intense physical therapy, she requires the use of a wheelchair.

"She requires daily assistance with routine tasks such as dressing and bathing," the lawsuit points out.

The suit continues: "She will require extensive physical therapy for the remainder of her life."

Abby Lee Miller Surgery Pic
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"On average, Ms. Miller will have uninsured costs of at least $70,000 every year for the rest of her life," the lawsuit notes.

Additionally, court documents mention: "Ms. Miller has experienced difficulty finding housing that is handicap accessible."

Stating the obvious, it adds: "Ms. Miller earns her living as a dance choreographer."

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"And while she has an optimistic outlook and tires to make the best of every day," the lawsuit notes.

The documents continue: "There are limitations on her ability to teach dance without the use of her legs, thus impairing her ability to earn a living in the only career she has known."

That last part may not directly impact her lawsuit against her erstwhile attorneys, but it may go to show how urgent the suit that she had intended to file was.