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Meri Brown is no stranger to criticism.

She gets it from Sister Wives fans, from her own family … from pretty much everywhere.

Meri Brown in Red, White and Blue

All the time.

But this latest incident is really just too much.

And it looks like Meri agrees!

OK, so yesterday, Meri posted a new selfie:

"Early workout done, ready for my day!" she wrote in her caption. "Gonna get this Friday hustle on!"

So where’s the issue?

Well, the issue, the one many people took, is on her face.

Specifically, right above her eyeballs.

Yep, Meri has been trying something different with her eyebrows lately — if you check out her last few selfies, you can notice the change.

She’s filled them in for a while now since her natural brows are pretty light and sparse.

It’s even been discussed on the show before — remember when Mariah was angry with her for the catfish thing and made a mean remark about how she draws them on?

In a later episode, during the big family vacation to Hawaii, she and Janelle teased her about it by drawing them on super dark and thick.

Meri Brown is United

So like, she’s aware that people notice her eyebrows.

To be fair, it is an intense look, and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

They’re an unnatural shape, they come in too far in the middle, and they curve too far down on the ends.

But poor Meri was getting so much hate that she turned the comments off on that post.

Meri Brown at Peace

And when that wasn’t enough, she took to her Instagram story to write a quick little message about bullying.

"Online bullying sure does seem to be a thing lately," she wrote there.

"I’ve seen it happening to way too many people!"

She asked "Are y’all bored or something??"

"Go on a walk, or go clean your toilet," she suggested, "but do something PRODUCTIVE for a change!"

In case that wasn’t clear enough, she added a little "BE NICE" graphic to her post.

It’s kind of a weird situation, because if people were making fun of her or calling her names, then obviously that’s not OK.

But if people were just asking about the eyebrows, it’s hard to fault that, because she definitely made them noticeable.

Either way, she definitely has a point about online bullying and how people may be doing it more because of boredom — that quarantine life, you know.

So maybe let’s all just try to be a little nicer regardless, all right?