Isabel Roloff Gets Rushed to Hospital, Sends Subsequent Message of Hope

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Isabel Roloff is alive and well... and thankful she can now talk about it.

The wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob, Isabel was rushed to the hospital last Thursday night due to what she later described as "severe abdominal pain."

Isabel Roloff

The 22-year-old didn't delve into too much detail regarding what happened or why, but did tell her social media followers that had been ignoring the physical pain because she was occupied with other things in life.

Next thing she knew... OUCH!

Isabel confessed to making a "mistake" and ending up in the ER as a result of this inaction.

Now, a few days after getting sent home, Isabel has shared a beautiful photo on her Instagram page and included with it some inspiring words of wisdom.

Jacob and Wife and Mom

"I do not have anything profound or poetic to say, but I just wanted to extend some love to all of you right now," wrote Isabel as a caption to the following image.

"Times are tough but we are tougher. This has been one of the most challenging years for a lot of people, including myself.

"May we continue finding the strength it takes to keep going."

Pretty great photo here, isn't it?

Isabel Roloff Instagram Photo

Isabel and Jacob don't typically make headlines, often remaining content to just drive around the Pacific Northwest in their RV.

However, it sounds like they're now settling down in Oregon, partly to help support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jacob, even more than his beloved wife, has been very vocal of late when it comes to this cause, even calling out his own family members for not doing their part.

"Tagging my family (those with great followings) because they have majority white audiences who desperately require a call to solidarity with these protesters and dissenters," wrote Jacob last week, along with a list of organizations to which one can donate.

Jacob Roloff, Amy Roloff, and Isabel Rock

Back to Isabel, though.

In late May, she opened way up to followers about the state of her mental health, writing:

I used to think my “bad mental health days” were setbacks. I had one yesterday. This lead to me beating myself up over and over again each time I had one.

Which lead to guilt. And shame. And perpetuated the cycle.

Now I try my very best to hold myself in compassion and an abundance of love. Now I know to give myself permission to ride the waves as gracefully as I can.

Jacob Roloff and His Better Half

Along these same important lines, Isabel concluded:

Now I know that healing is not linear. We are always evolving and setbacks do not exist. There is only growth. There is only learning and moving forward.

Having patience and understanding for ourselves is so important and I hope you remember that today.'

Very well said.

We wish Isabel nothing but the best.

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