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In the Sister Wives universe, one marriage may be crumbling…

… but another appears to be going very strong.

Christine Brown on Date Night
Photo via Instagram

Amid ongoing chatter that Meri Brown has finally decided to leave Kody, Christine Brown has gone out of her way to send the opposite message to all Instagram followers.

Earlier this week, the reality star posted the above photo on her official account and wrote an an affiliated caption:

"Dressing up for date night is super important, even if you’re just going for a drive listening to your favorite songs! Embrace Sexy!"

Brown added as hashtags: #embracesexy #lularoedenim #lularoechristyt #lularoestevie #becauseoflularoe #lularoeretailer #kingsofleon #killers #muse.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Perhaps more than any other Sister Wives cast member, Christine has talked openly over the past year or so about her relationship with Kody.

In a positive sense, that is.

Just over a month ago, she and Kody actually celebrated their anniversary, which is more than can be said for Meri and Kody, neither of whom acknowledged their recent anniversary.

As for how this occasion was spent?

Christine Brown and Kody
Photo via Instagram

“We actually had this great plan to put a door in our house because our whole upstairs is a loft and we haven’t had a door to our bedroom,” Christine explained to Us Weekly at the time, adding:

“We went to the hardware store following social distancing rules, of course, but they didn’t have what we were looking for so we had to order it.

"So we had Home Depot date. Then we made one of our favorite dinners and ate with the girls and played games."

Doesn’t sound terribly romantic, but like we said: at least they hung out for their anniversary. That does say a lot about where the two are at these  days.

Christine on Sister Wives
Photo via tLC

Also unlike her fellow Sister Wives, Christine has often spoke glowingly about plural marriage in general.

On the season finale this spring, she noted that “monogamists don’t have [the] luxury” of having the same sort support system as she and her spouses have, using the opportunity to defend polygamy in general.

Added Janelle at the time, echoing sentiment:

"Christine and I did a lot [of] coparenting, just because we had the bulk of the children.”

Christine Brown at Home
Photo via Instagram

We can’t say for certain what Christine and Kody did for their date night, of course, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’ve severed family gatherings completely,” Kody previously said of the quarantine.

“I’ve been contacting family by phone.

"Me and my wives have done a couple of conference calls and we’ll probably do more where we update each other on everything going on within our family.”