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Last week, 90 Day Fiance alum Jonathan Rivera announced that he is engaged, a year and a half after his split from Fernanda Flores.

Now, Fernanda is opening up to her fans and acknowledging that, frankly, she feels hurt.

Jonathan Rivera Engaged to Janelle Miller
Photo via Instagram

Jonathan Rivera, who went public with his relationship with Janelle Miller in June of 2019, proposed to her this month.

Janelle said yes. They shared celebratory photos from the engagement on Instagram.

While the 90 Day Fiance alum’s fans are cheering him on for finding happiness after his divorce, his ex-wife is deep in her feelings.

Fernanda Flores in White
Photo via Instagram

"There’s things in life that suck sometimes," Fernanda acknowledges in a post to her Instagram Story.

"But," she continues, "it’s all about how we react."

Fernanda writes: "I try to stay focused and positive."

At the same time, Fernanda also included a worksheet about her emotional wellbeing, presumably given to her by her therapist.

On the one hand, she rates her overall happiness as an 8.

On the other, Fernanda expresses that her feeling right now is "hurt."

In subsequent Instagram Stories, Fernanda expanded upon her feelings and recent mood.

She shares the ways in which therapy has helped her to confront and process these emotions.

"I haven’t been too active lately," Fernanda explains, "because I wasn’t feeling at my best."

"I like to talk to you," she writes to her fans, "and share of my day by day and positivity."

"But I wasn’t feeling in the mood," Fernanda admits.

"And," she adds, "that does not happen often."

Fernanda cuts to the chase.

"There’s situations that suck," she acknowledges.

"And," Fernanda affirms, "that’s okay!"

"My therapist told me that I need to focus on the good in my life," Fernanda writes.

"And," she adds, her therapist also counseled her to "motivate myself."

That sounds like very good and healthy advice.

"Something really positive that I have to focus on," Fernanda reveals, "is you guys!"

She explains: "All your love, your messages, and comments!"

"Thank you!" Fernanda’s message concludes.

Fernanda Flores Shares Her Truth
Photo via YouTube

In very late 2018, Fernanda and Jonathan broke up and went their separate ways, despite having gotten married on 90 Day Fiance.

Last summer, after months of shading and speculation, Fernanda took to YouTube for a lengthy breakdown of her split from Jonathan.

She explained that Jonathan had turned out to be not the man whom she thought that he was, accusing him of being a mess and being abusive.

Fernanda Flores Celebrates Immigration Triumph
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, divorcing Jonathan did not mean returning home.

Instead, Fernanda celebrated paperwork confirming that she could maintain legal residency in the United States.

And though she was spotted waiting tables in Chicago on July 4 of last year, she made it clear that she was happy to be here.

Fernanda Flores, July 4 2019
Photo via Instagram

Viewers got to catch up with Fernanda on 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

She may not have the life in the US that she had imagined when Jonathan first proposed, but she is getting by.

In fact, Fernanda is taking steps to mend her broken heart and move on.

Photo via TLC

As viewers saw several weeks ago, Fernanda is actually dating Clay Harbor.

She and the athlete, who is a familiar face to the Bachelor Nation and no stranger to reality TV, met earlier in 2020, before the COVID-19 lockdown.

Since then, they have had cute dates over video chatting.

Fernanda gushed over Clay’s large, strong arms, reminding us that she has a type, and that’s perfectly okay.

Some fans love to hate Fernanda, but that seems to be mostly because of the edit that she received during her season.

90 Day Fiance editors make sure that they have stories to tell, but the stories that viewers see aren’t necessarily true.