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Earlier this week, we mentioned Farrah Abraham had a pretty smart take on the tragic murder of George Floyd and the protests that it has sparked.

Farrah being Farrah, she couldn’t help but ruin it, and is now recording herself harassing alleged "looters."

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Several days ago, Farrah was posting things that, for Farrah, sounded enlightened and downright sensible.

"For the love of GOD – I hope racism , hate , and power trips are removed from planet earth," Farrah began.

"Why was only one police officer charged with murder?" she asked. "4 officers were there?! 4 should be charged with murder!"

"Every life matters, the kindness, the self control George Floyd showed to evil racist police officers while being suffocated & murdered," she rambled.

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Farrah expressed: "I hope no other African American ever has to go through this or any person alive-"

"All police personal should be fired if their not for equality, if they are mentally ill, having a power ego trip," she suggested.

"That is not a hero or anyone who can protect or help enforce laws!!" Farrah correctly proclaimed.

She concluded: "I pray for his family and others who died this way"

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

Because of her perpetual inability to help herself, however, Farrah’s good take could not last.

She recorded and uploaded nearly 10 minutes of herself screaming at people whom she accuses of looting a nearby CVS.

"I’m done!" Farrah announces in her Instagram caption.  "Criminals!"

"See something, say something," she declares, citing a motto that refers to terrorism, not petty theft. "Stop!"

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"Criminals I’ve had enough," Farrah declares, referring to people who may have stolen from a nearby CVS.

"For those businesses who are struggling," she writes, "for those companies & people who need jobs."

"I hope you know this is wasting time progressing," Farrah says, whatever that means.

She then adds: "ENJOY JAIL – for petty crimes. STOP THE CRIMES IT’S WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!"

Farrah Abraham is Plastic

"I’m thankful I use my voice for justice, I call police, I record and turn into police & with over 20 people in jail & 3 cars turned in," Farrah boasts.

"I’m blessed there’s people like me on this earth who care for store owners, working people!" she declares.

CVS is a national chain worth an estimated $87 billion.

"Safety!" Farrah exclaims. "In one nation with liberty and justice for all! Lives matter, so stop turning death into stealing , criminal distractions."

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"And start caring for your life & others who wrongfully die each day!" Farrah screeches.

"Be a hero not about petty crime, not about cyber crime, not about hurting innocent people!" she insists.

"STOP IT NOW !" Farrah demands.

She concludes: "I pray one day our children never have to deal with this!"

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In a moment, we’ll get into why it is so reprehensible that Farrah is so impassioned in her defence of CVS that she called the police.

But first, we have to acknowledge that Farrah has a "complicated" history when it comes to race.

Actually, it’s not that complicated — she has been known to go on racist rants.

She’ll smile and say the right things … right up until someone makes her angry, and then she’ll say vicious, hateful things.

Farrah Freaks

Farrah’s line about saying that she’s blessed that there’s people like me was ridiculed by every other commenter, as it should be.

She was also mocked for revealing her location. Regular people can take photos through their windows. Celebrities probably should not.

"For all those who want to twist the truth! Twist the focus,” Farrah lashed out.. “Your denial is not welcome on this earth nor on my page."

She then, as is her want, more or less accused those disagreeing her of hate crimes.

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"Cyber hate – cyber bullying is also a crime – get some help," Farrah rambled in the comments.

"And," she demanded, "stick to what this is about a better community for everyone! "

"Stop hating people!" she hissed hatefully. "Stop crime!"

"Save lives you sicko’s!" Farrah concluded.

Farrah Abraham Offers

So what is so wrong with Farrah’s decision to narc on those whom she accuses of looting?

Egyptologist Dr. Kara Cooney recent spoke on her YouTube channel about the historical significance of those in power condemning the disenfranchised.

"Instead of looking at people in Philadelphia running into Walmart to loot as much as they can," she begins.

"And," Dr. Cooney continues, "seeing that as decades of disenfranchisement and seeithing resentment and unemployment and rage."

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She accuses those like Farrah: "You look at it and you are afraid and you see animalistic behavior and you represent it as such."

"That is the State’s monopolization of the message," Dr. Cooney points out, "and you see it Right and Left."

"When you see the looting, try not to dehumanize," she counsels. "Try to see it in a different way."

That is the historical context of how those who wield power condemn the desperate, angry, and downtrodden.

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But it would take a truly special kind of person to call the LAPD over some retail goods or smashed windows right now.

It’s hard to imagine doing so after witnessing rampant and escalating police violence over the past few days.

When so many journalists and peaceful protesters have been beaten, attacked with chemical weapons, and shot with 40mm rounds by armored police.

What will they do to an actual "looter" when they catch one? No one deserves violence and death over a crate of water bottles. That’s kind of the point of all of this.