Evelyn Halas: Pregnant 90 Day Fiance Alum Displays HUGE Baby Bump!

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Earlier this year, we revealed that 90 Day Fiance alum Evelyn Halas is expecting her first child with husband Justin Halas.

Now, she is showing off her gigantic baby bump. Take a look:

Justin Halas with Evelyn Halas

On April 20, just a little over a month into nationwide lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Evelyn Halas made a wonderful announcement.

She and her husband, whose love story we saw play out on 90 Day Fiance, were expecting their first child.

"#BabyHalas is coming! Estamos esperando baby!" she captioned the initial announcement.

Now, nearly two months later, she has a major update on her pregnancy's progression.

Evelyn Halas Shows Off Massive Baby Bump

She shows off her growing baby bump. My goodness, it's getting so big!

"My third trimester is coming soon," Evelyn writes in the caption beside this photo.

"But for now," she details, "he is moving a lot."

Evelyn writes that her child-to-be is "having some fun in mommy's belly!"

evelyn halas clothespin pregnancy announcement

Evelyn found a very cute way of revealing her pregnancy.

She shared an image of a pair of safety pins, one of which was bent and contained a smaller safety pin.

It's a very cute and symbolic way of representing a pregnancy, one that could be used by almost any expecting couple.

Evelyn's joy at being pregnant has been endearing.

Evelyn Halas with Justin Halas

Evelyn and Justin starred on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance.

They were first introduced to fans in a teaser way back in 2014.

Justin is from the United States.

Evelyn, in the mean time, originates in Columbia.

Evelyn Halas and Justin Halas

Because of Justin's enthusiasm for sports, he trecked to Columbia for a major sporting event.

At a rugby game, he met Evelyn.

Justin raised eyebrows for complaining that he was tired of dating American women, bemoaning their "independence."

Meanwhile, Evelyn was sick and tired of dating men from her own community.

Justin Halas and Evelyn Halas welcome 2020

Evelyn considered those men to be loud and rambunctious, and was tired of what she perceived to be juvenile, obnoxious behavior.

In other words, she and Justin were perfect for each other.

Six years later, and they have a baby on the way!

We all are very well aware that 90 Day Fiance does not by any means guarantee a happily ever after, but it looks like these two found it!

Evelyn Halas and Justin Halas Throwback

Evelyn is very conscious of the current state of the world.

After all, she made her announcement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of us here in the United States have yet to see the worst of what the coronavirus has to offer.

It can be an understandably frightening time for anyone, but especially for people who are pregnant.

Justin Halas and Evelyn Halas

After all, pregnancy means prenatal care. It also means that she will eventually need to visit a hospital to give birth.

That's daunting enough during regular times. It's a nightmare during a pandemic.

We hope that Evelyn and Justin and their precious, still-growing child to be remain safe and healthy as this goes on.

And we of course hope that the little baby Halas has a bright and happy future to look forward to.

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