Armando Rubio: My Ex-Wife Died While Trying to Ram Me Off the Road

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Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has scarcely begun, but Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are already a fan favorite couple.

Armando lost his ex, the mother of his child. Only now is he disclosing the truly shocking events that surrounded her passing.

Armando Rubio and Hannah Rubio

Fans are head over heels for Kenneth and Armando.

They met in an online support group for gay dads. Eventually, they fell in love.

Despite their sizable (yet largely invisible) age gap and being from other countries, they resolved to make it work.

But Armando's backstory has always been a little sad.

Kenneth and Armando for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

See, Armando has a daughter, Hannah. She is precious and as cute as a button.

Growing up in a homophobic community and fearing rejection from his family, Armando tried to remain in the closet.

He decided to get married, which is how Hannah came to be. Even so, he eventually had to reveal who he was.

We all knew that Hannah's mother had died just months after their separation, in some sort of vehicular accident. Now, we know more.

Armando Has Concerns

"This message is to clear up my daughter’s mothers passing," Armando begins his Instagram Story post.

He explains: "I am addressing this to clear up any confusion."

Armando is explaining it in detail now "as I did not want to go into specifics on the show."

"But now," he writes, "I find it necessary." Few people are prepared for what it means to be in the spotlight.

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier, Couples Selfie

"My then wife and I had been separated for a few months before her passing," Armando notes.

This much, we already knew, though most had assumed that their separation was purely over Armando being gay.

He now reveals that they had separated "for a number of reasons."

One of these reasons, you see, is very relevant.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio on Instagram

Armando writes: "one of which was anger issues she was working on."

"During our separation," he shares, "we were working on rebuilding our friendship again…"

They were friends before they ever married.

That is likely why Armando hoped that their marriage would work -- that their bond would be enough for him to live a lie.

Armando Rubio, Car Selfie

"During the divorce proceedings and on the evening of her passing," Armando describes.

He writes that "a disagreement took place over finances."

That is often the case in even the most amicable divorces.

"And," he recalls, "I thought it would be best to leave the situation and return back to my home."

Kenneth Speaks to the Camera

"After that, 15-20 minutes later I was driving down the highway," Armando describes.

"And I was shocked," he narrates, "when I was suddenly struck from behind."

Someone had rammed his car, Armando shares, "and then [I] was hit again."

That sounds absolutely horrifying.

Armando Rubio Cuddles with Hannah Rubio

'As I continued down the highway," Armando reveals, "I then realized it was my ex-wife."

"And before I knew it," he recalls, "she lost control of her vehicle."

Armando writes that his ex lost control of the car "and passed away on the scene."

That is heartbreaking in a dozen different ways.

Armando Looks at Kenneth

'As you can understand," Armando expresses, "this was a very tragic event in the life of my daughter and I."

He lost his best friend, and must also grapple with the reality of how she spent her final moments.

Hannah lost her mother at a young age -- an age when most children have little concept of death.

That tragedy was compounded, Armando shares, "as we lost her and an unborn baby."

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier interviewed

"This was a very difficult moment for everyone involved," Armando states.

He emphasizes that this was a tragedy for "myself, our family, our friends."

"And," Armando reflects, it "has been a long grieving process."

We can only imagine so.

Armando Rubio IG Story how his ex-wife died

(Here is Armando's post, as captured by the fastidious 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates)

"And out of respect for my daughter’s mother and her memory," Armando pleads with fans and followers.

"I ask for your empathy and understanding on this personal tragedy," he requests.

Armando concludes his emotional post with a simple: "Thank you."

Armando Rubio IG Story thanks

He followed that up this week with an expression of gratitude for the response that his tragic tale evoked.

That is nothing short of harrowing.

We are so sorry that Armando has suffered so much.

We wish him and Hannah -- and Kenneth -- an extraordinarily happy life from here on out.

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