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They say that a photo can be worth 1,000 words, right?

If that truly is the case, then Brandi Glanville just said a whole lot about her past and her feud with Denise Richards.

Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville Throwback
Photo via Instagram

On Saturday, Glanville shared a photo on Twitter of herself sharing a kiss with an unidentified woman…

… who looks an awful lot like her nemesis Richards.

“Making dinner for my fam/neighbors – #snack on this,” the 47-year old wrote as a caption to the mysterious and possibly revealing snapshot, as you can see below:

What? Is that too small, grainy and out-of-focus for you?

No problem. 

Let’s take a look at this larger version, shall we?

We shall. Now you tell us. Is that not Denise?

Photo via twitter

As we said, it’s grainy. But …

In the many replies over the past 24 hours or so, fans started to question the lady’s identity, even pulling out photos of Glanville wearing the same top when she and Richards went out together last year.

Case solved, perhaps!?

Brandi Glanville on TV

Back in January, of course, all H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks broke out after Glanville alleged that she and Richards had been sexually intimate with one another.

Glanville then repeated this accusation on an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at least according to a trailer for upcoming installments.

Photo via Bravo

“Denise and [husband] Aaron [Phypers] have this whole open thing,” she tells the other women on a future episode, adding:

“I f—ked her, woke up the next morning [and] she said, ‘Aaron can never know this. He’ll kill me.’”

Wowza, right!?

Brandi Cleavage
Photo via Getty Images

Richards, however, has strongly denied any such fling occurred and has reportedly stopped filming the Bravo series out of protest.

Later in the aforementioned trailer, Richards issues a warning to a producer.

“Please do not air this. It’s very bad,” she says. “Bravo has a choice."

"If they ever want me to be on the show, they need to cut that.”

Photo via Bravo

Reporting on this rumor, meanwhile, has been decidedly mixed.

“Denise has never been intimate with Brandi, ever," one celebrity gossip insider recently told Us Weekly, while a second insider has alleged that the women “hooked up on more than one occasion.”

Well that clears it up!

Photo via Instagram

With her latest Tweet and photo, Brandi Glanville is definitely stirring the pot. That is what Brandi Glanville does.

With the program on hiatus, she’s probably just trying to anger Richards into responding in order to stoke attention.

But, hey, it’s working!

Photo via Bravo

Because even though the women in Brandi’s photo are only gently kissing, as one might kiss a friend, let’s be honest:

They are DEFINITELY Richards and Glanville.

Does that mean the two women ripped each other’s clothes off and boned one another senseless right after this? 

Of course not.

Photo via Instagram

It may have just been an innocent and harmless smooch. In fact, that’s what this picture almost certainly shows.

But the result has still been a new round of questions regarding the relationship between Denise and Brandi.

And that was clearly her motivation.

Photo via Bravo

"Denise was stunned to hear that Brandi was saying they hooked up and she has an open marriage,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The insider added that "all of this has actually sparked the end of Denise and Brandi’s friendship."

Well, yeah. Ya think??

Photo via Bravo

Obviously, we weren’t in the room for the alleged banging, Or the room where Brandi made this all up, if she did.

We can’t say for sure what happened. No one can.

It remains to be seen just how this plays out when the Housewives return July 8, but we can tell you this much:

It’s gonna be a s–tshow.