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Brandi Glanville has come right out and said it, you guys.

In a stunning preview for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which aired after Wednesday night’s new episode, the reality star directly addressed the rumor that’s been floating around online for months:

That she slept with Denise Richards.

Photo via BRAVO

Simply put?

"Denise and [husband Aaron Phyphers] have this whole open thing," Glaville tells Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Lisa Rina and Erika Girardi at a sit-down dinner in the trailer, adding:

"I f–ked her, woke up the next morning, she said, ‘Aaron can never know this. He’ll kill me.’"

Whether or not Brandi and Denise got it on as been a topic of debate for some time now.

Brandi Glanville on TV

Richards has strongy denied it ever happened.

In the Bravo video, the women eventually confront Richards about the alleged affair at a different gathering, to which she tearfully responds: "What the f–k?"

"That is not true!" screams the actress, who has been married to Aaron Phypers since 2018.

Dorit later says, "I believe Denise" but the other ladies remain stunned and don’t really take a side.

Photo via Bravo

Elsewhere in the teaser, Garcelle Beauvais explains while at a party that she was supposed to meet up with Denise, but her fellow star was a "no show."

"I hope to God she’s okay. My heart is racing. I’m really, really scared," Dorit said in response.

The sneak peek then transitioned to depict Garcelle referring to Rina as the "bad guy in all of this" and Richards pleading with the camera crew to not air the allegation.

"Bravo has a choice. If they ever want me to be on the show … they need to cut that," Denise threatens, as she’s done before.

Photo via Bravo

In April, a source told People Magazine that Brandi says her alleged affair with Richards "happened more than once."

"She says it was never serious, but they had fun," the insider told this publication.

But, again, a rep for Richard vehemently shot down this claim.

“It isn’t true,” her publicist said earlier this spring of the Daily Mail‘s report that the starctress had walked away from filming due to Brandi supposedly spreading this rumor.

Photo via Bravo

Has Richards even quit the show?

She didn’t attend a party in honor of the finale in December, but that’s very different than saying she is no longer a castmate.

“Denise didn’t go to Teddi baby shower, because she was sick,” another People Magazine source has said.

“And then she chose not to go to the last party [filmed for the show], because she had already addressed the Brandi drama and she knew it was going to be brought back up again."

Photo via Bravo

In the end, it’s hard to think this is anything but a giant PR stunt by all involved.

"What really happened with Brandi and Denise will play out on the season," an insider has teased, concluding back when this rumor started:

"There is a lot of she said, she said going on. But it’s going to be very dramatic.”