Big Ed Brown Was Prepared to Ghost His Daughter a Second Time

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The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All had so many gross revelations about Big Ed Brown that it's hard to keep count.

But possibly the most painful moment was when his daughter, Tiffany, heard him offer to throw away their relationship a second time.

Big Ed Brown Photo

"I had to do it," Ed Brown told his daughter, 29-year-old Tiffany, on the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4 finale.

"I had to follow through," he emphasized.

"I didn’t listen to you," Big Ed acknowledged.

Foolishly, he then confessed: "I didn’t really understand why you were so upset." Oh boy.

Tiffany Brown Cries

"I was upset that you’re old enough to be her dad," Tiffany explained, understating the situation.

"I was just like, ‘What are you doing?’ 23? I’m 29!" she expressed.

Tiffany very fairly asked: "What do you have in common with her?"

"It was hard," she lamented. "Because you were blowing me off and essentially saying, ‘F you, I don’t give a sh*t. I’m just gonna do whatever.'"

Big Ed Brown Offers a Nervous Apology

"I was selfish and I’m sorry," Ed blubbered.

"One thing that I definitely want you to know," he affirmed to his daughter, "is that you were and are and have always been the love of my life."

"And we have such a great foundation," Ed pointed out.

"And," he admitted, "I did realize, ‘Wow, I just probably flushed that all down the toilet.’"

Ed Brown Hugs His Daughter

"And that’s what scared me the most,” Ed expressed.

“But, for what it’s worth," he told Tiffany, "I’m sorry for not listening, you know, to you."

"And," Ed added, "the fact that I hurt you."

They hugged and made up. Many months later, the Tell All was filmed.

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All

At the Tell All, it was more than simply apparent that Big Ed and Rosemarie Vega had, as we all suspected and hoped, broken up.

Clearly, Rose was still harboring some understandable bitter feelings.

After all, this was the man who had humiliated on television after leading her on for months with lies.

But Ed, too, had a bone to pick.

Big Ed Brown Speaks at the Tell All

Ed has been eating up every PR opportunity that came his way for months, spinning his side of the story.

Though he is hardly the most authentic star in 90 Day Fiance history as he has claimed, he is certainly a breakout star.

Big Ed has become a meme so popular that his image pops up on social media accounts of people who've never watched the show.

But Rosemarie says that the real Ed is gross and exploitative.

Rosemarie Vega says Ed Brown tried to get her to do sex video calls

Rose described an example of that, recalling an incident in which she emotionally told Ed about her personal struggles at the time.

Ed's response, Rosemarie describes, was to ask her to make a sex video for him.

Apparently, he offered to pay her to take off her clothes on camera for him.

While there's nothing wrong with any kind of sex work, including cam work, asking a distressed person to do that for you is unacceptable.

Big Ed Brown Claims to Have the Receipts

That is not all.

Rose says that Big Ed tried to hit her up to get back together earlier that year, either out of horniness or a desire to save his image.

Ed fired back, claiming that Rose had begged for him to take her back in early February, asking for a Valentine's Day present.

He even held up what he claimed were screenshots of photos that Rose had sent him. Curiously, they look like stills from an Instagram video.

Tiffany Brown at the Tell All

But regardless, Ed did admit that he considered dating Rosemarie again.

That was when host Shaun Robinson revealed that Ed's daughter, Tiffany, had been listening the entire time.

She asked Tiffany how it felt to hear her father admit that he was prepared to discard his relationship with her a second time.

Tiffany was silent for a few moments ... and understandably burst into tears.

Ed Brown cries with Tiffany Brown at the Tell All

At this point, Ed either cries or pretends to cry while his adult daughter expresses the emotional pain that he has once again put her through.

It was a painful moment for the audience.

Ed once again falls back on his "sorry, I'm dumb, I'm an idiot, etc" schtick that has probably let him weasel his way out of trouble too many times.

At some point, you have to deliberately choose to prioritize the emotional health of your loved ones. It doesn't matter how "dumb" you are.

Big Ed Brown Outs His Ex

Big Ed also revealed that the only reason that he did not decide to get back with Rosemarie was that she was dating again.

Rose did date an unnamed woman after her breakup with Ed, out of a desire to move on.

Ideally, to move on with someone who won't lie to her or shame her for having hair on her human body.

Rose is no longer dating that woman, but we are relieved that she moved on from Big Ed just the same.

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