Meri Brown Urges Fans to "BE KIND," Trashes Vile Facebook Remarks

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Meri Brown is rarely straightforward on social media.

The Sister Wives star has become known for penning mysterious messages on Instagram, seemingly hinting that her marriage to Kody Brown is over.

And yet never coming right out and saying this.

Meri Brown at the Inn

On Facebook this week, however, Meri took a very different approach.

Posting in her LuLaRoe with Meri Brown group, the retailer and TLC personality sent a very clear message to those who follow her and/or those who have Liked this group:

Cut the mean $hit! Now!

After waking up early to wake up and "seize the day," Meri wrote yesterday that she was "beyond saddened and disgusted at what [she] saw from so many  of you ladies."


Meri has typically received support from Sister Wives viewers, most of whom want her to leave Kody for good.

But it sounded in this case as if Brown was sticking up for someone else in the group, as she continued:

"The vile and disgusting comments I saw this morning from one human bring to another deeply disturb and affect me. I can't imagine what the sweet lady you all viciously attacked has got to be feeling!!"

Along this same theme, Meri urged everyone to "BE KIND."


Brown has been in the spotlight for about a decade now and said she's learned to "steel [herself] against verbal attacks."

"This group is meant to be one of inclusiveness, community and love," she added.

"Not one to find people to laugh and mock because they don't do something YOU think they should do, or don't look the way YOU think they should look."

It sounds to us as if someone in the group -- which is based around clothing and attire -- has perhaps been mocked and insulted by others in the group for something she modeled.


Referring to critics as "keyboard warriors" who think it's "ok to be abusive," Meri wrote that she was "sad" for these people.


Because they "don't have true joy" in their lives.

Meri, who recently trolled her husband and who comes across as the most sympathetic of all Sister Wives, concluded as follows:

Meri Brown at Peace

This group has been and always will be a safe one for ladies who want to be here and want to be kind.

If you're going to continue to attack, or even to support those attacking, I would invite you to leave. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

We presume most readers here will agree with us when we say the following in response to Meri's rant here:


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