Mackenzie McKee Shares Her Thirstiest Photo EVER!

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Last week, Mackenzie McKee revealed that she had caught her husband cheating, but then hastily walked back her accusations.

But she's making sure that anybody hoping to be Josh's side piece knows exactly how hot -- and thirsty -- their competition is.

Mackenzie McKee in the House

"Staying thirsty," Mackenzie McKee captioned the photo that you are about to see.

She's showing off her hot body in a pink bikini.

Mackenzie puts a lot of serious work into her incredible body, as anyone can tell.

But as you can see in this photo, she also has a fun sense of humor.

Mackenzie McKee Thirsty

Most of us may think of thirsty photos as social media hotties who want attention or perhaps more fame, or thirst traps for followers.

But staying hydrates is also important.

We can't say that most drink containers are traditionally that large ... not when they're intended for one person.

But if you're as thirsty as Mackenzie clearly is, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, right?

Mackenzie and Josh McKee Gym

To be clear, she was drinking water. We just want to get that part out of the way.

The context for the photo was that she was enjoying her Memorial Day weekend.

Mackenzie also made sure that her followers knew that her kids were enjoying themselves, too.

They enjoyed floating on the lake under their mother's watchful eye.

Mackenzie McKee for Teen Mom OG

Mackenzie's weekend had its ups and downs, however. The past couple of weeks have been complicated?

Why? Because she exposed Josh's "affair."

According to her, starting right around her mother's tragic passing last year, Josh's behavior changed.

He was staying out until the wee hours of the morning on alleged "fishing" trips.

Mac and Josh

Mackenzie laid out the claims as clear as day on social media.

What's more, she says that when she snooped to find out what he was doing, she discovered that he was constantly talking to another woman.

That other woman was none other than Mackenzie's own cousin -- her close cousin.

That, she explained, felt like a jarring betrayal -- one that she had never expected.

Don't Let This Look Deceive You

However, Mackenzie didn't take long before she changed her tune.

She later said that Josh had only had an "emotional affair."

And although the word "cheating" had appeared on her social media accounts, she insisted that she had never described Josh's actions with that word.

For the record, it is 100% possible to cheat on your spouse without meeting up in person. People do it every day.

Mackenzie and Joshua McKee

But Mackenzie's most recent explanations for her husband's behavior sound less like she was cheated on and more like he hired her as his rep.

She's saying that he was just texting her cousin for advice on how to handle her.

Mackenzie has spoken openly about how her mental and emotional health have suffered in the wake of her mother's tragic passing.

We're not sure what part of this alleged advice told Josh to stay out late for so many nights, though.

And Mackenzie McKee?

Regardless of what Josh did or did not do, it is up to Mackenzie whether or not to believe him.

It is also up to her to decide what comes next.

Countless couples endure affairs -- emotional or otherwise -- and are able to move on.

For others, it's just one of many signs that a relationship is over.

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