Denise Richards is Hiding Something From Her Fellow Housewives

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A few weeks ago, we learned that Denise Richards' husband is an alternative doctor whose practice lies ... well outside of medical norms.

Now, the ladies are sitting down for an esoteric evaluation ... and some hints that Denise is harboring a secret.

Erika Jayne Listens with Trepidation

Denise's feud with Kyle Richards takes a back seat for a moment as the ladies sat down with an astrologer.

From what we can see in this sneak peek for Wednesday's episode, this is nothing at all like the infamous Allison DuBois dinner.

The astrologer begins with Erika Jayne, which is always a good start.

She's a favorite for a reason.

Erika Jayne astrology stats

Like with all astrology, he describes a series of character traits that most people have and then lets confirmation bias do its work.

(Not trying to be mean and I'm not anti-divination, but astrology doesn't make sense and some of its fans could dial it down a notch or two)

So he tells her that because of what arbitrarily definined constellations say, she is both emotional and rational. So, like a person.

Meanwhile, we are just enamored with how much Erika's outfit pops and her drink looks absolutely delicious.

Erika Jayne Enjoys a Tasty Drink

Next up is Kyle Richards, the (largely) unchallenged queen of RHOBH.

Now, we all remember how Kyle and Denise came into conflict on last week's episode.

This is what led Denise to proclaim "I am f--king Denise Richards, Kyle!" to the cameras.

She's not wrong. The Richards on Richards feuding was intense.

Kyle Richards astrology stats

This time, the astrologer tells Kyle that she insists that everything be balanced.

In other words, he says that she gets upset when she perceives a situation to be unfair.

(You know, like a person)

We see a flashback that we guess producers figured would be evidence of this personality trait, foretold by the celestial bodies, in action.

Dorit Kemsley is Interested

It's funny that Kyle's alleged obsession with equal treatment should come up, though, because Dorit Kemsley was just talking about it last week.

Just last week, she said that Kyle would let things slide with one person but grill another for doing the same thing.

Dorit specifically observed Denise getting a hard time for "glamming up" for the second season when Kyle had defended it in the past.

Kyle, however, says that the description really hit the nail on the head.

Kyle Richards Likes What She is Hearing

Dorit absolutely cannot help herself.

We see her lean over and neg Kyle a little, telling her that she was totally onboard with the description ... until the astrologer said that Kyle was "fair."

Real talk, the astrologer is probably saying a lot more about each woman that what is airing on screen.

Editors trim things down for time and for drama -- in this case, for both.

Kyle Richards shaded by Dorit Kemsley

Up next is Denise Richards, whose astrological stats are apparently particularly complicated.

This leads to some dramatic reactions and what sound like a little bit of cat-calling from Lisa.

(Is this another case of them playing up reactions for the camera or is it editing? It's so hard to tell)

But the astrologer has more to say than just that.

Lisa Rinna is Entertained by Denise Richards

He goes on to say that Denise's stellar profile or whatever you call it gives her a predisposition towards having a "hidden side."

While that is a standard human trait for everyone, the other ladies make a good show of visibly and audibly reacting.

Gasps are heard, looks are exchanged.

And Denise's upcoming affair scandal is handily foreshadowed.

Denise Richards astrology stats

The nice thing about saying that someone may have an aspect of themselves that they don't always show is that it's true.

The astrologer who says it and the producers who have the astrologer come in to chat don't have to know what it is.

That could have meant anything -- like, if she turned out to be a weeb who loves anime, or a nerd who has the Periodic Table memorized.

As it happened, it turns out that she allegedly had an affair with Brandi Glanville.

Denise Richards Has Heard It Before

Now, obviously, the astrologer didn't say anything along the lines of "gasp, you have had an affair ... with a woman."

That's not astrology's fault. No amount of being a Candy Corn with an Aquarium rising or whatever is going to tell someone that.

And that's true of pretty much every form of divination, as any spiritually inclined person will tell you.

But this makes a handy moment of foreshadowing for production ... and for viewers who maybe haven't been keeping up with the news.

Sutton Stracke and Kyle Richards are Astonished

Denise famously became "difficult" at best from a filming standpoint during this season.

She does say that cameras captured her side of the story, and she hopes that it will play out as the season airs.

Denise has also assured fans that she hopes to answer a lot of things at the reunion.

But Kyle has accused her of quitting the show because she's a coward who couldn't handle the hot seat. Only time will tell if she was right.

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