June Shannon Flaunts Weight Loss, New Teeth in Hot Swimsuit Pic

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June Shannon has come a long way, from last year's scary downward spiral to now taking real steps to fix her whole life.

She is also working on losing weight, and is flaunting her efforts in a red swimsuit!

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

June Shannon recently had her tooth fixed. Fans had been worried about the dramatic changes to her appearance.

Now, as you can see, June is not only showing her face (with, if you look closely, her fixed smile) but her body as well.

Wearing a form-fitting red one-piece, June is showing off her figure.

It's clear that she's not as small as she was right after her dramatic full-body makeover, but fans are overjoyed that she is focusing on fitness.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

"Okay mama June I see you getting back on the wagon,” one fan comments.

Another follower raves: “I’m so proud of you on this weight loss and you look absolutely amazing!”

“So glad you look healthier!" a commenter gushes. "Just your overall look on your face anymore is so nice and true!!!,”

“You are better in that red bathing suit any given day than Jennifer!" another writes. "Happiness and inner peace radiates each time with you and jealously and hatred show on her."

June Shannon at the Dentist

As we mentioned, June also visited a cosmetic dentist.

Her smile is whiter and brighter than it has been in some time.

Most conspicuously, he replaced the veneer that June apparently lost while biting into a Fat Cake, a marshmallow based dessert.

June's smile had previously alarmed fans, who worried over how she had lost the tooth and what it meant about her health.

June Shannon RETURNS to Instagram

June previously hopped back onto Instagram after a lengthy hiatus, plugging weight loss products.

But fans cried out in alarm over how drastically her appearance had changed.

Understand that fans were not body-shaming her, tooth-shaming her, or anything else.

Instead, they feared that these were all indicators of June's downward spiral following (and preceeding) her crack cocaine arrest last year.

June Shannon is at the Beach

There were also reports for some time about how June had been spotted with Geno appearing to ignore social distancing guidelines.

Living out of hotels and casinos, she and Geno were described by eyewitnesses as "wandering around" without an apparent care in the world.

June has since taken steps to show fans that she is taking the pandemic very seriously.

She even found a way to bring in some much-needed funds by advertising some merchandise.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

Drug use can result in dramatic weight gain or loss in people, depending upon which drug and which person.

For example, Geno recently hinted to fans that his weight gain has been the result of going sober.

He also bared his arms for the first time in a while, which fans suggested means that he is no longer using syringe-based drugs.

June, who had been on a strict diet before her downward spiral, put on some weight during 2019.

Geno Doak Bares His Arms

The reason that June gained weight is because extreme weight loss techniques like gastric balloons and hardcore diets are effective in the short term.

Over time, the human body is amazingly adaptable and will do whatever it can to store more calories.

Remember, if you do a crash diet, from your body's perspective, there must be some sort of famine and it needs to store energy to keep you alive.

So when June let herself enjoy just a few snacks like she used to, her body worked in overdrive to store all of it as fat.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

Fans are thrilled, as the comments that we showed you above, to see that June is working on herself again.

Whether she actually needs to lose all of the weight that she regained is between her and her doctor.

But exercise is good for you on multiple levels -- it is not just a weight loss tool.

And it's a sign that June cares about her health and how she is perceived -- which may mean that she's coming back to being her old self.

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