Josiah Duggar Gets Slammed For Creepy Confession: I Love Breaking Into My Wife's Phone to Spy On Her!

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Earlier this month, we reported that Jim Bob Duggar spies on his children by snooping through their personal electronic devices even after they've entered adulthood.

And now it seems he's not the only one in the family member who engages in that seriously creepy habit.

Lauren Swanson and Josiah

Josiah Duggar's wife, Lauren Swanson, turned 21 this week.

Of course, she celebrated the milestone birthday in a world where social-distancing remains the norm, a fact that forced her husband to get creative.

Josiah earned some points with fans by taking Lauren on a surprise picnic for her big day.

Unfortunately, he immediately squandered that good will by admitting that he came up with the idea only after snooping through her phone in order to get a rough idea of what his wife is interested in.

Lauren Swanson Turns 21

"This is how I figure you do it — you get on your spouse’s phone and you find their Pinterest board, and you see what they like," Josiah opined in an Instagram Story.

"And then you just kinda do something to make them feel special."

No -- and we cannot stress this enough -- that is not how you do it.

Let us say it again for anyone who's considering hacking into their spouse's personal electronic devices in search of "clues" about what their interests are:

Special Twosome

Don't ever do that; that's a bad thing to do.

In fact, we'll go so far as to say that if you need to go through your spouse's phone in order to figure out what they like, you might have a bad marriage.

Crazy as it may sound, listening when the other person talks is a much, much better way to get a feel for what their interests are.

Sounds like Josiah should try it sometime.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Together

At the end of the day, these two are very young, and we're sure Josiah's heart was in the right place.

Lauren suffered a miscarriage last year before welcoming her first child in November.

We're sure it's been a very difficult time, and we don't blame him for going to great lengths to show his appreciation -- even if he had to employ some seriously questionable methods in order to do so.

That said, he should not be on Instagram encouraging other husbands to do the same.

Josiah Duggar and Wife

Generally, Duggar husbands should hold off on offering relationship advice, as they're married to women who aren't allowed to express their opinions.

If Lauren hated that Josiah went through her phone, she almost certainly wouldn't feel comfortable saying so.

So when Josiah claims that his wife enjoys his sketchy hijinks, he's really basing that on an assumption.

For all their recent claims at modernity, the Duggars live in a patriarchal system that denies women basic human rights.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren

The ridiculous Duggar dress code that forces Lauren and her ilk to wear long skirts all the time is just the tip of the iceberg.

Women in her world  go from obeying their fathers to obeying their husbands with the goal being that somewhere along the line, abject subservience begins to feel natural to them.

So while it's possible that Lauren really enjoyed her birthday surprise, Josiah doesn't actually know for sure.

In fact, Lauren's been in this system for so long that she might not know if she liked it, either.

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