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Like just about every other family in the country, the Duggars celebrated a different sort of Mother’s Day this year, as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us locked in our homes or standing six feet apart.

But for Michelle and her daughter Jill, the holiday was unlike any other for reasons that have nothing to do with the public health crisis.

The feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar has been going on for months, and it doesn’t look as though it will be letting up anytime soon.

In fact, it appears as though the situation is only getting worse.

The latest updates have Jim Bob preparing for a court battle against Derick by essentially monopolizing their small towns legal services.

Undeterred, Derick is reportedly still planning to publish a memoir about his time with the Duggars, despite the looming threat of a lawsuit.

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Not surprisingly, Jill and Michelle have been dragged into the feud, and it seems both women have chosen to side with their husbands.

That may explain why — for the first time since she joined Instagram several years ago — Jill chose not to post any sort of Mother’s Day tribute to the woman who raised her.

“So grateful for my mom this Mother’s Day! She demonstrates what a selfless, joyful, patient mother should look like as she raised and continues to raise all 19 of us!” Jill wrote last year.

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“She is the most loving person you’ll ever meet! She always takes time to invest in the life of her kids and is constantly looking for ways to bless others! I’m so grateful to have the most amazing mom in the world as my mom and a great role model for me and many others!” her tribute continued.

To go from such high praise to no acknowledgement at all is a clear indicator of how much damage Jill and Michelle’s relationship has endured over the course of the past year.

At first, it looked as though Jill and Michelle had vowed to stay out of their husbands’ conflict for the sake of their own relationship.

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Last month, for example, Michelle made an appearance — at a safe distance, of course — at the Dillard’s party in honor of son Israel’s fifth birthday.

But now, just weeks later, it appears as though Jill and Michelle have turned their backs on one another.

Perhaps it was the reports of Jim Bob and Derick’s forthcoming court battle.

Or perhaps it was Derick’s refusal to back away from his claims that Jim Bob stole millions from his own kids.

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Whatever the case, it appears that the conflict between the two men has begun to affect other relationships within the Duggar clan.

Obviously, it remains to be seen where all of this will lead.

But no matter what happens, it’s likely to be a very long time before the entire Duggar family celebrates another holiday together.