Jessica Eason Miller, Sister of David, Arrested for Child Abuse

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Over the last few weeks, things have been relatively calm between Jenelle Evans and David Eason.

The unstable couple seems happier than ever these days.

And while this may be jarring for celebrity gossip followers to witness, they can at least find solace in the following:

Jessica Eason Miller Mugshot

All is anything but calm within the Eason family itself.

As you might expect, there remains plenty of drama surrounding David and his loved ones. To wit:

We just learned that David’s troubled sister Jessica -- who has publicly and viciously feuded with her brother and Jenelle on numerous occasion -- was arrested about six weeks ago.

According to Brunswick County Jail records, she was booked on April 1, with “misdemeanor child abuse” listed as one of the violation descriptions.

The other violation description states that the booking was a “hold for Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.”

Jessica Eason Miller

Official prison records indicate that Jessica’s bond amount was set at $2,500.

She apparently was able to afford this figure, too, because Jessica returned to social media at the halfway point of last month.

At one point, she frightened a number of followers by Tweeting:

Ohh, 1am.. I guess it's time to watch some Youtube til I get to the dark side and scare myself.. Then lie here with horrible thoughts in my head.. Why? Whyyyy??

jess tweet

Jessica, as Teen Mom fans likely know well, has run into trouble with the law multiple times.

She was arrested in 2018, for example, for simply being a crackhead, according to her awful and violent brother.

In this case, Jessica incredibly showed up for a hearing (related to a separate arrest) with drugs in her pocket and therefore got booked on the spot for narcotics possession.

Earlier that same year, meanwhile, Jessica was arrested for assault.

Jessica Eason Miller Photo

Because she had traded insults with Jenelle the day before this incident, many observers theorized that she may have actually assaulted Evans.

This has never been proven, however.

On July 16, meanwhile, Jessica is due in court date for a hearing regarding this misdemeanor child abuse charge and also a charge of reckless driving.

Neither David nor Jenelle has commented on Jessica's latest arrest... which is surprising.

David and Jenelle Eason Forever

Why? Because Jessica and Jenelle have had more beef over the last few years than your local McDonald's.

In late 2017, Jessica trashed her sister-in-law for having had at least one abortion, adding in one exchange with a social media follower:

It’s pathetic how jealous she is just because she doesn’t have any family and all her family hates her.

Well guess what all my family hates her too and that’s why she doesn’t want David to have family because then she’ll be a lonely little ugly b!tch.

It must be nice to have my mama raising her kids so that she can go out and party every weekend and all week long While She lays on her lazy a** doing nothing.

jessica hates jenelle

Jessica, to her credit, has clearly not been doing nothing.

She's been doing a whole lot of stuff, it seems.

This stuff has just been illegal.

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