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Laura Jallali was happy to use her 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined air time to try to salvage her image.

But her former friend and castmate Evelin Villegas knows better. She says that Laura is a pathological liar who needs to get her own life.

Laura Jallali Says Happy Long Weekend
Photo via Instagram

Many viewers who do not keep up with every move and post by the stars outside of the show were shocked to learn that Laura is in Ecuador.

She’s a Canadian who had spent decades in the United States and then moved to Qatar.

What happened was that, with Aladin divorcing her, Laura had no place to go.

After she had made a lot of odd, even wild claims about Aladin, Evelin invited her to come to Ecuador — and even helped pay for the trip.

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber, Happy and Cute

See, Ecuador has a lower cost of living, and Laura couldn’t have gone back to the US and had no place to go if she went to Canada.

(Do you see why Liam was so worried about her catastrophic life choice?)

The idea was for Laura to get more bang for her buck near people whom she at least sort of new, and potentially get back on her feet.

And yet, Laura is still there in Ecuador … but decidedly no longer friends with Evelin.

Evelin Villegas Unfollows Corey Rathgeber, Purges Instagram, Joins OnlyFans
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So, despite lower costs, Laura found herself in an apartment that she could no longer afford.

Evelin figured that a good fix would be for Corey to move in with her, and split the rent.

Well, Laura started interfering in their relationship — and that wasn’t all.

She also decided to scoop up as many of Evelin’s friends as possible, even trying to convince the world that she was dating one of them.

Laura Jallali and Raul
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That was Raul, whom viewers may remember from Evelin and Corey’s season.

After Laura resurfaced for fans on Self-Quarantined, claiming to have a hunky 25-year-old boy toy, Evelin had had enough.

"I’m sick and tired of Laura’s lies!" Evelin declared this week on her Instagram Stories.

She announced that she was "going live tonight … to say everything I didn’t say."

"And," Evelin continued, "to set the record straight about her lies."

She declared: "Enough about her talking s–t about me and me staying quiet!"

Sure enough, Evelin went on Instagram Live.

Among other things, she called out Laura’s hypocrisy for condemning Evelin’s bar when Laura had enjoyed free drinks there.

Evelin Villegas
Photo via Instagram

"I’m tired of Laura using my name to have a little bit of people’s attention," Evelin expressed.

She demanded that her ex friend "stop the lies and get a life!"

Evelin also condemned a particular tabloid for what she sees as poor quality and/or inaccurate reporting.

But she has had more to say.

"Being where I am mentally speaking is an achievement I’m proud of," Evelin writes in a new Instagram post.

"Years ago before the show started," she shares, "I was dealing with depression and anxiety always hiding behind a smiling face."

‘Now I can tell you I’ve been depression free for couple years and my anxiety is way less," Evelin announces.

"And is something that doesn’t scare me or controls my life anymore," she states with pride.

Photo via Instagram

"I’m gonna make a youtube video about this," Evelin announces. "I hope it helps people that are lost like me , scare and feeling alone."

"I’m the most positive person now," she adds, "and people always ask me but it is because my outlook at life is different."

"Being happy, being thankful, and having peace of mind is what matters to me the most," Evelin affirms.

"I learned that I needed to come first," she explains, "and didn’t have to live my life for somebody else."

Evelin Villegas IG 07 -- Evelin agrees OF is nbd

As we reported, this all came just days after Evelin purged her Instagram, unfollowed Corey, and joined OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is an adult media website where users upload photos and videos, featuring anything from nudity to explicit sex, for subscribers.

Given the economic realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, Evelin is one of many who have turned to the site for a source of income.

Evelin is using OnlyFans to upload tasteful nudes.

Evelin Villegas IG 06 -- Corey Rathgeber IG does not like

However, Corey very publicly said that he did not approve of her decision to join OnlyFans.

He surely knows that he doesn’t get to say what she does with her body, but can simply choose to be with her or not (when she’ll have him).

Some fans accused Corey of hypocrisy given that he was selling stripteases to fans and still is via Cameo.

Now, it appears that Corey has drastically changed his tune.

This is not a fake image — we snatched this directly from Corey’s Instagram Stories.

Corey is now advertising his very own OnlyFans page.

Wondering if it was some sort of prank (as you may recall, Ansel Elgort famously linked to his "OnlyFans" but it was actually a charity page), we checked.

This appears to be the real deal. Well, sort of.

Word on the street (that is, the rumor circulating Instagram) is that so far, Corey has only posted workout videos.

Plenty of people get very horny over workout videos, but that’s not really what OnlyFans is for unless Corey is doing it in the buff.

Or if he is, shall we say, exercising one arm a great deal more than the other, if you catch our meaning.

As you can see, Evelin and Corey clearly have a lot going on right now and their story continues to be absolutely wild to follow.