Kailyn Lowry Slams Debra Danielsen on Twitter: Bish, Stop Being So Thirsty!

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Last week, an excerpt from Leah Messer's newly-published memoir captured the attention of Farrah Abraham's mother, Debra Danielsen.

And as is usually the case, Deb did not have anything positive to say.

Debra Danielsen All Fancy

The segment of Leah's book had to do with the revelation that Messer conceived her youngest daughter while partying with Kailyn Lowry shortly after her wedding to Jeremy Calvert.

For some reason, this offended Debra.

Deb, of course, is never shy about expressing her displeasure with others, and she took to Twitter to slam Leah for having the audacity to share secrets about her personal life in her own memoir.

“I guess nothing is special between [two] people anymore to not share with the world,” she tweeted, linking to an article about Leah's wedding night.

Debra Danielsen Pic

Kail was quick to stick up for her friend, replying:

“That’s really rich coming from you.” 

This is not the first time that Kail and Debra have locked horns in recent weeks.

Last month, Danielsen alleged that Lowry “doesn’t believe in the current COVID-19 pandemic."

Kailyn Lowry on Video

This seems to have been a reference to the fact that Kailyn does not believe in vaccines, and has made the controversial decision not to vaccinate her youngest child, Lux.

“Wow, I’m surprised by Debra’s sudden ‘concern’ about me and my children," Lowry wrote.

"We’ve been quarantined at home just like everyone else and are taking this pandemic very seriously. My family is doing whatever we can to help at this time.”

Kail has stated on several occasions that she does not believe childhood vaccines are safe.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

Lowry is currently pregnant with her fourth child, and she has indicated that she is not planning to have the baby vaccinated.

“I mean, I guess the only thing I can really say and continue to stand for is to parent how it’s best for your child and family,” she recently told In Touch with regard to her stance on vaccines.

“People don’t love everything I do, but I don’t shove my beliefs down anyone else’s throat. I know what’s best for my kids, and other parents know what’s best for theirs.”

Of course, as the current pandemic highlights, vaccinations are more of a public health issue than a personal choice.

Lowry, Kailyn Rae

Still, the fact remains that Debra mischaracterized Kail's attitude toward Covid-19, and her comments were almost certainly not the result of any real concern for Lowry or her children.

As for Debra's remarks about Leah, well, we guess that's just Debz being Debz.

The truly amazing thing in all of this is that Farrah somehow has yet to get involved.

Is she not aware that her mom is out here getting attention without her?!

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