Ashley Jacobs SLAMS Southern Charm Stars for Quitting: You Cowards!

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Even though nobody boned Cameran Eubanks' husband but Cameran, the rumor is still out there -- and may have been engineered by Kathryn Dennis.

Three cast members have quit Southern Charm, but these enemies of Kathryn are being put on blast by ... Ashley Jacobs?!

Cameran Eubanks Offers Life Advice

What a mess!

Early last week, Cameran Eubanks announced that she was leaving Southern Charm after six seasons, dropping the bombshell without explanation.

Then, reports came out claiming tha she was desperate to hide rumors of her husband's alleged "affair."

As far as we or anyone else can tell, that woman, a makeup artist named Rebecca Wash, has never so much as met Cameran's husband.

Rebecca Wash Picture

Rebecca put out an extremely well-written and thorough denial, dropping hints that Kathryn Dennis had started the rumor.

Cameran expressed her sympathy for the young woman, who is not a public figure, whose name had just been dragged into the spotlight.

Then, in a devastating blow to the series, beautiful Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner shared that they are quitting.

It seems that everyone is furious with Kathryn's pot-stirring ... but one person has no sympathy for any of them.

Ashley Jacobs Crashes the Party

"The whole cast was aware of this behavior the WHOLE time," Ashley accused on her Instagram Stories.

Clearly, the former Southern Charm villain, who butted heads with Kathryn more than once, is fuming.

This time, though she has plenty to say about Kathryn, she has other targets in mind.

She is furious that Naomie, Chelsea, and Cameran are only speaking out when they're the targets, but never leapt to her defense.

Ashley Jacobs on Insta

"The only reason you defended her while cameras were filming," Ashley beginst to accuse.

She shadily notes: '(not off camera, keep in mind)."

Ashley continues, saying that their reason for silence 'was because you lacked the integrity to be honest and real in front of the cameras."

She accuses them of keeping quiet 'for fear of unpopular opinion," something that has clearly never held back Ashley.

Ashley Jacobs Winks

"You created your 'Kween,'" Ashley mocks.

She accuses the three women of crafting "this reality TV fictional character by condoning that behavior" in Kathryn.

"And now you're all upset about it?" Ashley marvels.

These three may not be solely to blame, but ... we'll get to that in a bit.

Ashley Jacobs Snapshot

"I undoubtedly was 100% wrong in my approach to calling her out the way that I did," Ashley acknowledges.

Yeah, it turns out that calling a young mother an "egg donor" doesn' go over well with audiences.

Who knew?

"But never once did I pretend to be something that I was not," Ashley affirms.

Ashley Jacobs IG defends Kathryn Dennis 01

"You were ALL enablers," Ashley writes, lashing out at Cameran, Naomie, and Chelsea.

She adds: 'I wish I would have used he word COWARDS instead."

'Seems a bit more fitting," Ashley declares.

Ashley Jacobs IG defends Kathryn Dennis 02

"The only reason Southern Charm season 5 was the highest rated season in the show's history," Ashley writes in another post.

She explains that the reason why "is because it was the only time someone had the courage to speak the truth."

Notably, a lot of people speak what they see as the truth on Southern Charm.

But which people and which truths? Not everyone can agree.

Patricia Altschul: Ashley Jacobs is a Moron

There is something else to consider, a possibility that Ashley may have overlooked.

Ashley's reign as Southern Charm villain (we did pity her for her relationship with Thomas, but she was an antagonist, let's face it) was not in a vacuum.

That was the very season in which everyone praised Kathryn's personal growth as a human being.

Kathryn's villainous arc was Kathryn's redemption arc ... which means ...

Ashley Jacobs on Season 5

Was Ashley the very same woman who, by calling Kathryn an "egg donor" among other things, gave Kathryn the boost?

Would Kathryn be in the position that she is on the show had she not had Ashley to play against?

We are, of course, not blaming Ashley for Kathryn's actions. Kathryn is a grown woman.

But since Ashley sees fit to lay the blame at Cameran and Naomie and Chelsea's feet, she may want to look in the mirror.

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