Todd Chrisley Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Details "Life-Altering" Ordeal

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Todd Chrisley seems like a pretty awful person.

This is someone who allegedly threatened to release his own daughter's sex tape unless she lied to authorities in order to protect her dad against tax evasion charges.

And yet...

Todd Chrisley, Up Close

... we still wouldn't wish any physical harm upon the USA Network personality.

We mention this because The Chrisley Knows Best star revealed on Wednesday’s edition of his Chrisley Confessions podcast that he had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The polarizing star recounted the frightening ordeal for listeners, sharing that he had been “battling corona” for three weeks and had been hospitalized for four-plus before being released back home.

Todd Chrisley and Wife Selfie

“It has been the sickest that I have ever been in the 52 years I’ve been on this earth,” Chrisley shared.

“I cannot ever tell you a time in my life where I have ever been as sick as what I had been with the coronavirus."

This virus, of course, has been responsible for over 13,000 American deaths (as of this writing) and has prompted the shut down of nearly all school systems and non-essential businesses around the country.

Todd's wife, Julie, was also on the podcast and also offered up her take on the situation.

Todd Chrisley Looks Upset

"This is serious. This is something that we’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks,” she said. “Todd and I have been together for 25 years, I have never in 25 years seen him as sick as what he was in the past few weeks."

Julie continued as follows:

"If you are doubting or have not been affected by corona personally … you need to know that this is serious.

"There are people who are dying and we have to take it seriously. We have to practice social distancing, and we have to stay in if at all possible."

Todd Chrisley with Wife

Todd Chrisley was in the news often last year after being charged with tax evasion and then for feuding with his daughter, Lindsie, over whether or not she was on his side in this case.

And, as cited above, over whether or not he was in possession of her sex tape and was blackmailing her with its public release.

But even Lindsie has now come to her father's defense in light of his diagnosis.

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

Upon the news breaking, Lindsie received a message to her Instagram inbox that read, "Hi Lindsie! Did you see your Dad has Covid? I guess the good guys really do win in the end."

She replied as follows:

"The audacity of some people blows my mind. This is disgusting. My inbox is flooding with similar messages & I'm not here for it. Get right or get off my page."

Todd Chrisley with Lindsie Chrisley

"During his latest podcast, meanwhile, Todd added that he’s still “not clicking on all cylinders” and explained that he’s operating at “about 70 to 75 percent," telling folks:

“This has been a life-altering experience for me. I know it’s been a life-altering experience for everyone in my family...

“I think that what it has taught me is to look around and see the things that truly, truly matter -- and what matters is health.

"You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. It’s been a tough, tough three weeks.”

Todd Chrisley and His Wife

As of April 8, there are now 1,446,242 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world and 83,424 deaths.

Among the celebrities who have been diagnosed include: Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Andy Cohen and Kevin Durant.

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