The Duggars: Did They Follow Social-Distancing Rules on Easter?

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Well, it may not have felt like it, but it was Easter on Sunday.

Tens of millions of Americans did the right thing and celebrated while keeping a safe distance from their loved ones.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo

Unfortunately, there were also quite a few who threw caution to the wind by attending church services or hosting large family gatherings.

There were concerns that the Duggars might belong to the second group, and when you look at their behavior of the past few weeks, it's clear that those fears were not unfounded.

In the earliest days of the pandemic, several Duggars ignored CDC safety guidelines by gathering in large groups.

In a video that was very briefly posted on Instagram, fans counted 18 people in one room during a party at Jim Bob and Michelle's house.

The Duggar Family: A Photo

Fortunately, the Duggars seem to have wised up in the weeks that followed.

In fact, it appears the older generation finally decided to follow the example set by the younger generation.

From the start Jessa Duggar was socially-distancing and posting messages on social media encouraging her followers to do the same.

Now, it appears her parents have finally decided to follow suit.

israel party

That's a photo from Israel Duggar's birthday party last week.

Obviously, Michelle and company swung by for the occasion, but it seems they remained outside.

And it's safe to assume they were similarly cautious on Easter.

Now, we probably don't have to tell you that the Duggars are very, very religious, and many fundamentalists have continued to gather for church services, as they view the pandemic as some sort of test of their faith.

Duggar Family Photo: A Classic!

When the main Duggar Instagram account didn't post any new pics on Sunday, many assumed the family had decided to flaunt their God-protection by showing up at Sunday mass.

We don't blame you for thinking that -- it sounds like something they would do.

But as far as we can tell, Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids who still live with them all made the wise decision to stay at home.

And you know the kids who have already moved out continued with their admirable social distancing, even on the holiest of holy days.

Jinger on Easter

Jinger, for example, stayed home and read her Bible with daughter Felicity.

"It’s been quieter than any I can remember, but it’s given us time to reflect on the kindness of God," she captioned the above photo.

"He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live the life we couldn’t, die the death we deserve, and rise from the grave conquering death itself so that we might have eternal life. What a gift! What a Savior," she added.

See? Jinger demonstrating one of the many ways in which you can keep the spirit of the holiday alive without observing the usual customs.

Hell, even Jim Bob was probably grateful for the chance to sleep in on a Sunday for once!

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